Inaugural NAMA Golf Day set for 4 December

20 Nov, 2020 - 13:11 0 Views
Inaugural NAMA Golf Day set for 4 December Napoleon 'Napstar' Nyanhi


Karen Mhlanga, Entertainment Reporter

NATIONAL Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) executive producer Napoleon Nyanhi says they are set to stage the annual Golf Day on December 4.

Nyanhi, who is also the Jacaranda Culture and Media Corporation (JCMC) managing director, yesterday told journalists that the annual Golf Day would be a chance for interface between the artists and funders.


“I would like to also announce the very exciting occasion that we will have in two weeks’ time on the December 4th 2020, NAMA will be hosting Inaugural Annual Golf Day.


“We are hopeful and we are looking forward to being able to do this every year.


“Its major purpose is for us to be able to give more platforms for our platforms and sponsors for them to get value from our NAMA brand.


“NAMA is a very strong brand, it is the only award ceremony that has managed to host every single year for the last twenty years,” Nyanhi said.


He added NAMA is the most consistent and biggest recognition of the arts in the country.


“So with such a strong brand it would be folly for us to wait for one event every year, one night where our partners and sponsors get that value.


“We are beginning to create different assets that throughout the year our partners can continue to get visibility to get value for what they do in supporting the arts in Zimbabwe.


“We will be hosting a Golf Day, this Golf Day as I mentioned is very corporate facet so it’s mainly for corporate partners, for our sponsors, for our future partners and for the people that we will work with to fund NAMA every year.


“We would like them to come and have a great time of networking, playing and also hearing what it is that we are planning for NAMA,” he said.

Nyanhi added:


“There are corporates like Old Mutual who are one of our main partners for NAMA they are actually a platinum partner


“It is also important that artists get a chance to also speak to the Old Mutual executives.


“Why I was saying it may be difficult for us to do this is because as we have been planning the golf day, we have been trying to invite artists but the artists that play golf are very limited.


“I’m hoping that as we are going forward the artists will learn because these are the spaces where these corporates are found.”


Besides Old Mutual, Cimas, Goldleaf Tobacco, Zimnat, Delta and Kayse Connect are some of the partners set to grace the inaugural Golf Day.

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