Infidelity shakes marriage

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Infidelity shakes marriage Trisha and Brenda on their wedding


3 January 2017

. . . hubby accused of cheating

. . . mistress confirms affair, termination

Trisha and Brenda on their wedding

A HARARE couple’s marriage is shacking with a man’s wife and mistress in a bitter war of words that they each promised to settle spiritually.

Trisha Tsuro’s marriage with Brenda Tsuro is on the verge of collapse with indications that Trisha is in love with another woman Fiona Nhau, who is based in Masvingo.

Trisha Tsuro

Brenda said her husband who works for Blue Star as a truck driver was not always at home and often travels with Fiona in the company truck.

“Fiona is always with my husband in the Blue Star haulage truck and they even have the temerity to scold me over the phone.

“My husband came home twice between August and November last year and later came for Christmas holiday and went away again,” Brenda said.

Fiona Nhau

Brenda said they got married in 2010 but Trisha would say they were not receiving salaries which saw them accruing US$2 500 arrears in rentals.

“Anga asingandipe kana cent achinyepa kuti hakuna pay until I called his boss July 2016 then he was told to give me bank card. Akandipa card racho asi anoti mari ikapinda mu account anoiwona nefoni yake then iye anobva atransfer kuisa mu Ecocash make osiya yaada iye. Sometimes anosiya $100 sometimes $40 like October last year akasiya $15 ndakayenda kubasa ndipo paakatanga kundipa $200 yefood kubva November,” said Brenda.

Brenda said they were blessed with five children in their marriage of which a set of twins died just after birth.

H-Metro is in possession of WhatsApp audios sent to Brenda by Fiona with the latter confirming her relationship with Trisha.

“You are the queen but your husband is with me. Look for the reason why he is with me.

“The husband is yours when he is having sex with you. The moment he walks out the house he is no longer yours.

“You should be thankful when he returns,” Fiona said in an audio sent to Brenda.

She said Brenda had booked a ‘match’ with her for questioning why she was in love with her husband.

“You have booked a match with me. We will deal with it if any of our family members falls into any misfortune,” said Fiona.

Fiona said Brenda has to settle issues with her husband saying she had since stopped the affair with Trista.

“I didn’t know that he was married but it’s now over between me and him,” said Fiona.

Trista refused to get into detail over the issue.

“Who told you that?

The person who told you should give further details of the affair,” he said.

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