Inmate bemoans lack of guidance

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Inmate bemoans lack of guidance Godden Matanga


5 September 2018

‘If I had parents . . .’

Godden Matanga

Thirty eight-year-old Godden Matanga, who was sentenced to life in prison, said he blames his parents for not being there in his life.

“I think a mother and father’s roles are important in life because this is what I lacked growing up. Both my parents were not there since I was young which made me socialise with the wrong people,” he said.

“My parents separated and we started staying with my mom who worked for this white lady that time. My mother’s employer then decided to take me and my brother Norman to Emerald Children’s home so that we stay there.

“I can’t say I lacked anything there because I did my primary at Avondale Primary School then I went to Prince Edward which are good schools. I had no one to tell me what to do so I started playing with boys who used to do drugs. I joined them and we took almost every drug.

“One day we decided to go and rob this other white lady; we went and killed her then set her on fire.

“That time I was under the influence of drugs and I can’t really remember most of the things that happened.

“I got in prison when I was only 20 years old and that was in 2000; in 2001 I was given a death penalty but I begged for mercy and they refused. In 2012 I was really happy and surprised when they (authorities that be) called me and told me that they were now sentencing me to life in prison and I know it’s God who did it because at that time I was now a prayer warrior.”

Matanga is very hopeful that one day he will be a free man.

“I know one day I will be free. I have faith and my wish is to go out there and talk to the youths. I would like to educate them that drugs only destroy people and they should behave with or without their parents in their lives.

“I also want to educate people that God is very important in our lives, back then I didn’t want to hear about God or church and I’m sure that contributed to where I am right now.

“I got the chance to finish my school here and I also have a bible studies diploma,” he added.

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