Instead of complaining about life . . .

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Instead of complaining about life . . .


27 September 2016


While she had lived in the UK for the greater part of her life, she decided to come back to Zim, where she felt was the best place to follow her passion, beauty.

She refused to follow the bandwagon of complaining about the way things are but decided to make a stand and establish her own beauty bar.

Right now she is happy with her newly established Fifi’s Beauty Bar and she believes the sky is the limit for her success in this industry.

To know more about this young entrepreneur, our reporter MUNYARADZI DOMA (MD) spoke to SIFISO GRACE CHIRIMUUTA (SGC).

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MD: I’m just curious, given the opportunity you had of staying in England, why did you come back to Zim?
SGC: After I did my Events Management course I wasn’t sure what to do because it’s not really my passion, I’m into beauty. Beauty is my passion. I wanted to come to Zim and start up my own thing because it’s the place to be, home is the place to be. Like most of my life I was in England, I would come back to Zimbabwe just for holidays, for school holidays but what made me come back or decide to come back was actually I believe home is best, I couldn’t see myself succeeding in the industry that I wanted to go in or in the beauty industry when I was in England but in Zimbabwe. I think in Zimbabwe there is better opportunities for me to break through in the industry. That’s why I decided to move back and I just love Zimbabwe anyway, its home.

MD: So when did you decide you wanted to set your own business?
SGC: I decided I wanted to set up before I moved back but I wasn’t sure how I would go about it so I wanted to come to Zim first and then see which way I could go.


MD: So what then did you set up?
SGC: I set up a beauty bar, it’s in Samora (Samora Machel Avenue), it’s mainly for makeup artistry services, eye lash extensions, eyebrow tinting, make up tutorials as well, I do facials. I set up this because it is my passion; I have the motivation to succeed in this type of industry, yeah. My beauty bar was officially opened on Friday the 9th of September 2016. I can also add that I offer makeup artistry for weddings, events even going out for a date; I will do your make up. Also if clients wish to come into my beauty bar, they are free to do so for any of the services and I also offer a home visit option for those who would like to be glammed up in the comfort of their own house. One can even come for a quick touch up before or after work and my business is not just for ladies, gentlemen you’re also welcome to come through and get a facial.
MD: What’s the name of your beauty bar and why?
SGC: Fifi’s Beauty Bar. I called it that because from childhood I grew up being called Fifi, like my real name is called Sifiso but I grew up being called Fifi so yeah it’s just a name that speaks to me, everyone calls me Fifi. I just wanted something that is simple and straight forward but has my name as well so yeah, I wanted my name in the brand. And it’s all about beauty, so a beauty bar was perfect!

MD: Ever since you started, how has it been?
SGC: It’s been good, it’s been good. There has been a few challenges like trying to build up my clientele base. It’s slowly but surely getting there.

MD: What are your marketing strategies?
SGC: Okay for now my marketing is done through social media platforms which are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so follow me (laughs).

MD: The industry you are in, already has other bigger players, so were you not worried about the competition?
SGC: Definitely the competition was my biggest fear, coming into an industry where you know there is so much out there and there are so many artistes out there. You think how am I going to make myself different, how am I going to break through in the industry but I think the drive and motivation of doing the best of what you can do, yeah. Like I just thought the sky is the limit for me. Definitely, there are so many people out there in the makeup and beauty industry. But as it’s my passion, I will do whatever it takes to rise above all my competitors so this is a warning, they better watch out coz I’m coming up fast lol.
MD: What makes Fifi’s Beauty Bar unique?
SGC: I think what makes me unique in the industry are the services I offer, I do makeup tutorials for those who want to learn to do makeup, who struggle to draw their eyebrows or you know highlight and contour. I also offer lash extensions, individual lash extensions and 3-D lash lashes, these are lashes that you put individually but you can’t tell that they are not real, they look all natural. Yeah; it’s the in thing these days. It’s all about the quality of service I offer, I ensure that I build a professional but friendly relationship with my clients, engaging in conversation so they feel relaxed and comfortable.

MD: What are your future plans?
SGC: I plan to expand my beauty bar to different countries and also I want to start my own makeup line so I’m doing research on that right now as we speak.

MD: Who inspires you?
SGC: I get my inspiration from a lot of places, mainly I’m on YouTube (laughs). I can’t really say I have a role model to say I look up to this person because I just get my inspiration from different sources.

MD: Away from the beauty bar what do you do you in your spare time?
SGC: I will be at home mainly, I don’t really go out much these days, I have been there done that (laughs). So I will be at home with the family, chilling with friends, I’m just a chilled back kind of person so yeah.

MD: What would be your advice to other entrepreneurs out there?
SGC: My advice is do the best you can, work hard, it might be hard don’t give up; because If I gave up when I wanted to give up I wouldn’t be here right now, so yeah. It’s not going to be easy but keep going, if you have got the passion for it then you basically sorted, so yeah.

MD: Brief background.
SGC: I was born here in 1994 in Harare on the 24th of November.

MD: Childhood memories.
SGC: When I was 18 months I moved to Botswana, I can’t remember exactly what year it was but we had a pool party and there was balloons. I have two siblings, a sister and a brother who are both older and when I was younger they used to tease me saying I was born a boy and my name used to be Clifford. It was obviously a joke. When I was young, I was extremely gullible and I was also a cry baby so I would just go crying to my mum to get them in trouble.

MD: Which schools did you attend?
SGC: In Botswana I went to Phakalane Primary School then I moved back to Zim for six months and I went to North Park and then in 2001 I went to the UK. First I was in Scotland, I went to school there and then from Scotland I went to Catering then I moved to Coventry, that’s where I was based. I did my secondary school in Coventry and I did my A Levels. After my A levels, I did a diploma in Events Management and then after that I decided to back to Zim.
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