Eddie Chikamhi

Senior Sports Reporter

LLOYD Chitembwe says the insults he endured at Nyamhunga on Saturday went beyond the acceptable banter in football.

The CAPS United coach had to be restrained by the club’s security personnel from confronting the Herentals fans on his way to the changing rooms after being sent off. 

“It’s sad, I don’t want to lie,” he said. 

“I am a football coach; I am doing my job and I get insults and abuse. Why? 

“Of course, I got a red card and I was walking back to the dressing room and then someone starts shouting insults at me and threatens to beat me up. 

“For what? 

“If I may ask, just because they are fans, do they have the right to insult and threaten officials as they wish? 

“What surprises me is that if it was CAPS United, Dynamos or Highlanders supporters involved in such offensive behaviour, which is in breach of the PSL regulations, they would be punished heavily.

“These other teams always get away with it.”

He added:

“The evidence is there, and rules are clear. So, why not fine Herentals? Are those fans not known?

“These guys should be identified and get punished or fine the club. Otherwise we are cultivating a culture of impunity.    

“The football stadium must be a safe place for everyone. These guys (football authorities) always talk of protecting the brand and the sponsors and we sometimes get punished if we err but sadly the people who make it happen – the players and coaches – are not protected.”

CAPS United beat Herantals 2-0 with Ralph Kawondera and Rodwell Chinyengetere on target.

“Like I said before, you can’t rate us with the first game against Chicken Inn. That was a slow start. If you were there when we played that game, you could see it just wasn’t our game,” said assistant coach Nelson Matongorere. 

“We played well against Chicken Inn but we just failed to get a goal which was required and then they were also lucky to get a goal.

“But after that game we went back to the drawing board, since that was our first competitive game after eight weeks of pre-season. We regrouped early and see the result now, 2-0 against Herentals.

“We beat a very good team; they are very competitive.”

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