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Edwin Nhukarume

JAH PRAYZAH’S manager Keen Mushapaidze says with more investment in the music production, local artistes will make strides on the international market.

Recently, four musicians Winky D, Jah Prayzah, Ammara Brown and Tamy Moyo were nominated for AFRIMA 2019 set to be held in Ghana from November 20 to 23, a development that shows the importance of investment in music.

The common feature on the nominated productions of the four artistes above is the undeniable quality of their sound and videos, hence cementing the sentiment of Mushapaidze on the need for investment in music production.

Mushapaidze said music is business and there is need to take it seriously.

“When you are into music you have to know that it is just the same as running an entity that is vying for profits.

“Music is business; there is need for investment to reap something.

“These four artistes that have been nominated their art shows that they invested a lot in their work and they deserve to be recognised in Africa and internationally,” said Mushapaidze.

However, this year’s sixth edition of AFRIMA reveals a great improvement in our local industry as Zimbabwe has two representatives in each categories of the best male and female artiste from Southern Africa.

Jah Prayzah and Winky D are competing with the heavyweights from South Africa such as AKA, Casper Nyovest and Nasty C while Tamy Moyo and Ammara Brown will battle it out with Kelly Khumalo (SA), Nadia Nakai (SA), Sho Madjozi (SA), Trina South (Zambia) and Zonke (SA).

Mushapaidze said the improvement of quality production and the support of foreign media has contributed to the success of local music on the international scene.

“The productions from the local musicians is now better as compared to the ones produced before this era.

“The attention our local artistes are getting from television stations like MTV, Channel O and Trace are helpful to the growth of our artistes, hence this is the reason we are now penetrating the market outside borders,” he told H-Metro.

Songbird Tamy Moyo said persistence, originality, belief and ability to craft universal message are important and they have been qualities that have made her to penetrate the market beyond borders.

“I think my music speaks to people across the region, continent and beyond.

“I get a lot of people saying they can relate to the content hence it has been recognised regionally.

“More so I think the way the music is crafted not just by me but the producers I work with makes people want to listen to it,” she said.

“The truth is each and every one of us has a purpose in life and we just have to stay in our lane and run our different races.

“No one can tell your story better than you do. So my advice is to continue working hard, we are on the right track (Artistes in Zim) and remain true to ourselves as individuals,” she added.

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