Irvine’s donates to Harare Children’s Home

H-Metro Reporter

EGGS and chicken producer, Irvine’s, has donated 2 500 eggs and 1 000kgs of chicken to the Harare Children’s Home as part of World Egg Day celebrations. 

Irvine’s commercial director, Anele Zunga, stressed the importance of ensuring every child had access to at least one dozen eggs for a healthy present and future. 

The event aimed to acknowledge the crucial role eggs play in providing essential nutrition and improving the lives of children. 

Held under the global theme: “Eggs For A Healthy Future”, the commemoration also saw dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall performing at the event.

“This year we saw it fit to celebrate World Egg Day with the disadvantaged and less privileged in our communities.

“It is significant in a way such that eggs are a source of essential nutrients for children.

“We planned that every child at the home should have at least a dozen eggs for a healthy today and future for both staff and the children,” said Zunga.

Zunga urged parents and guardians to include an egg in their children’s daily diet.

“Children are very important to our egg business and without them, we wouldn’t have a business,” he said.

Harare Children’s Home director, Maria Sithole, expressed her gratitude for the donation.

“We are grateful to Irvine’s for their timely donation to the children. The eggs will go a long way in defining their nutrition. We hope to continue building on our relationship with Irvine’s,” said Sithole.

World Egg Day, which has been commemorated since 1996, is recognised in more than 40 countries.

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