. . . After some turbulent years, his smile is now permanent

. . . It helps to have a US$90k Benz one didn’t pay a cent for

Robson Sharuko


IS DJ Fantan the happiest man in this country?

His friends will probably say he is the happiest man in the world right now.

Of course, that’s a very wild take in a world of about eight billion people.

If you are one of those who believe the flawed World Happiness Report, you will argue that the world’s happiest person probably lives in Finland.

After all, this is the country which, for the seventh year running, is ranked the happiest nation in the world.

But there is something strange about a report which claims that war-torn Libya has the happiest people in Africa.

The Libyans, ranked 66th, are the top-ranked African people and just one of six countries from the continent who make the top 100.

The report appears to be very biased against Southern African nations with Zambia (134), Eswatini (135), Malawi (136), Botswana (137), Zimbabwe (138) and the DRC (139) all ranked between 130 and 140.

So, maybe, restricting the reference to this country appears to be the safer option.

DJ Fantan then…

And, right now, it appears DJ Fantan is the happiest man in this country.

Of course, it’s a controversial take but it’s hard to find someone, in this country today, who appears happier than the Chillspot frontman.

It has been a stunning transformation for DJ Fantan who appeared to be a broken man who was being stalked by negativity everywhere he went.

The headlines he was attracting were all negative emanating from his court appearances for facing malicious damage of property after he went berserk during a domestic dispute.

He was accused of damaging the kitchen utensils his then wife, Gamuchirai Nemukuyi, wanted to use in her canteen business.

He was also arrested for beating Gamuchirai and locking her in their house.

The couple eventually separated.

He then spent two weeks in prison after he was jailed for an effective six months for violating Covid-19 national lockdown regulations.

An appeal at the High Court freed him and DJ Fantan looked shaken, if not broken, after spending time in prison.

But, he appears to have buried all that negativity and a new man, who appears at peace with what he is doing in the entertainment industry, has emerged. At times, he even appears to be a man trying to make up for all the time when he was letting bitterness dominate his world.

There appears to be peace and joy in his private life, which was not the case in the past.

It also helps for a young man from the ghetto to have a US$90 000 Mercedes Benz GLE 350d one didn’t pay a cent for.

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