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31 August 2018



TALENTED dancer cum singer Lady Storm believes she is the most beautiful dancer in Zimbabwe and dared anyone to challenge her on that after social media claims that she bleached.

Eriza, as Storm is fondly known, said she is not only just a pretty face but so talented that fellow dancers are now hating on her.

Recently Storm was sucked into cyber bullying with a photo of her circulating being alleged to have used skin enlightening creams to revamp her skin (bleaching).

She said she is not bothered as it is the work of her haters and fellow dancers who are always on her case. She said she has no beef with anyone.

“Zvekubleacher kwangu zvinei navo? I know I’m the most beautiful, ane nharo ngaauye apa, and they all know that they cannot match that’s why they fabricate funny stories about me, vaakurwadziwa vakutsvaga tunhongwa, havana chance vanovukura varikure,” she said.

Commenting on the photo Storm said, “Is it my hands only, there are three people there why talk about me only? Ngavakwane. Asi taitenga tese naye mafuta acho?” she said.

Lady Storm’s career soared buoyed by her featuring on Jah Prayzah’s hit Eriza. She has not stopped since then, coming up with a number of compositions.

“I dedicate Jah Prayzah’s song chero kundizonda ndakaveremera and mine Usandibate to these haters,” she said.

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