Ishan: I am not under pressure

17 Mar, 2020 - 13:03 0 Views
Ishan: I am not under pressure Ishan


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Afro pop musician Ishan says he does not feel pressured after releasing the track Better Without Me recently.

Ishan took the industry by storm last year with the track titled Kure featuring Ti Gonzi.

The track reached over a million views on YouTube and people sang along to it on shows. It was also popular on the streets.

After releasing Better Without Me, which has been well received by some of his fans not as Kure, Ishan said he is not succumbing to pressure and music serves many purposes.

“People have been viewing it different as maybe they are used to me releasing a certain type of music. But overall people love the song.

“I am happy with the progress and super as people are getting to appreciate to artistry that I would love to show more.

“Music is expression at times I express myself more,” said Ishan.

“It does keep the conversation. Music is more than just making hits but rather putting out good work.

“The same with Kure as it was a good sound, that’s the goal,” he added.

The Afro pop artiste believes he is growing and still relevant with his new song.

“I am focused on continuing in the same lane that I am still in.

“I am grateful for what it is bringing so far. Maybe in the sense you have people who you have connected to the song and you do want to always appreciating them, it’s critical.

“I am now growing and it’s a blessing and growth is critical.

“The music is the conversation and I continue to have the conversation with the audience and it’s all a relationship that we will continue having,” he said.


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