Ishan wins 2 awards

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Ishan wins 2 awards Ishan gives speech after receiving an award


Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

Afro-pop artiste Isheanesu “Ishan” Chigagura  was all smiles after winning two awards for the Outstanding Newcomer and Outstanding Song at the National Arts Merit Awards.

The awards were held on Saturday February 29 at the Harare International Conference Centre.

In an interview with H-Metro Ishan said that it was a good feeling to win the awards at the NAMAs.

“It is a very good feeling and it shows that people have been recognising my journey.

“This makes me want to work hard and do more.

“I feel so grateful and I encourage the youth to keep on doing what they believe in because it all works out in the end,” he said.

Asked how he felt about constantly winning Ishan said that it makes him want to put in extra work.

“I won awards from the Zima awards, Star FM awards and now NAMAs.

“This makes me want to work more, the pressure that I felt when I stood on that podium makes me want to put more effort.

“Success is addictive, once you have a taste of it you want to keep going,” Ishan told H-Metro.

Ishan said that the inspiration for his hit song Kure was God.

“It was all God.

“What people do not know is that if Kure had not blown up I was going to stop recording music.

“Working with a great producer, great beat and a great story which speaks about Zimbabwe was my greatest inspiration,” he said.

Asked what helped in making his song a hit Ishan applauded hard work.

“All it takes is putting effort in your work and working extra hard.

“Three years before Kure was released I had been working so hard to make this song.

“So in God’s time Kure came out and blew up,” he said.

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