IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE BUT IT’S ALL OVER NOW. . . When it was good, they had the time of their lives

Talent Gore

WICKNELL Chivayo and Sonja Madzikanda appeared to be a picture perfect couple until the later dropped a bombshell on Monday that their marriage was OVER.

Right now, we don’t know what sparked the breakdown in their marriage but there is a lot of speculation right now.

Sonja had an interesting message on one of her social media platforms in which she wrote “WALKED AWAY FROM THE PALACE TO INHERIT THE REAL THRONE.”

Chivayo has not addressed the issue in detail even though he appears to be sending some signals. His decision to announce he had bought musician Sniper Storm a Mercedes Benz, just a day after Sonja announced it was all OVER appeared to show a man who was not moved by all this drama unfolding.

Whatever the case, time will provide an explanation of what really unfolded.

What is not in denial, though, is that, when times were good, the two lived a lifestyle of the rich and famous of this world.

Chivayo took his family to various tourist destinations like Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, Bahamas and Singapore.

The luxurious trips they took, the way Sonja was being spoiled proves that all that glitters is not gold.

All of the trips around the world, the super cars, the luxurious house and the money failed to save their marriage which Sonja appears to claim has been non-existent for a while now.

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