It’s a dirty, corrupt cartel, charges Goredema

Sports Reporter 

VETERAN footballer Thabani Goredema says domestic football is a corrupt cartel where coaches, managers and administrators are abusing emerging players by making them play even to sign for a club.

Goredema says the majority of local footballers have nothing to show for their toil because all that they work hard for was taken away from them. 

His long career has seen him play for Chicken Inn, Hwange, Bulawayo City and CAPS United.  

“Right now, the young boys playing cannot sign a contract without paying someone,” he said. “Either the coach or the manager is getting a piece of the player’s signing-on fee. That is not how football should operate.

“I have played 18 years in the Premier League and this has happened now and again. 

“You sign for, let’s say for, US$10 000 you never get that money. The money is shared by those in administration and the player just gets peanuts if anything at all.

“This problem has become a national issue. Players all over the country have endured this problem. Coaches and managers are all involved in this fraud of robbing players of their money. 

“No matter which club you go to, these players pay to get contracts with teams and coaches are paid in the process. 

“I’m trying to fix things for the next generation, I am 38 and almost done with football but the next generation can’t fall into this same trap like some of us.” He says even the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe have failed to deal with the cancer.  “Even if you go to the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe you get little or no help at all yet the managers, coaches and administrators are buying cars. 

“When will we buy our cars? 

“Players are still living with their grandmothers.  “At the end of the day people out there will say players are failing to handle their fame and money but there is no money because the money is stolen from us,” said Goredema.

Goredema’s frustration comes from Hwange’s failure to pay his dues on time and in full.

“Hwange, in their quest to win the promotion, called us as senior players and we went on to gain promotion. 

“In December 2022, l signed a contract to receive US$5 500 they said they would give me the money in January but l am only receiving the money today (Monday) after one year. 

“I have been watching and been quiet on what has been happening at that club.”

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