It’s a family project

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It’s a family project Relations FC


Curtworth Masango

IN terms of social football clubs, this is a team with a difference.

The club is made up of only family members.

No wonder it’s called Relations FC.

Formed in 2009, it is made up of family members, who are all descendants of Mationi Muzembe, their great grandfather.

A few friends of the family have been allowed to join the team.

Kundai ‘Baba’ Mationi founded the club with Trust Muzembe.

The Harare-based side has an annual pilgrimage to their rural area in Chivhu, at least five times a year, for matches against village sides.

Mationi said playing football helps them maintain physical fitness.

“Playing football is helping us a lot as a team and individuals,” he said.

“We are keeping our fitness levels in shape.

“A lot of young players are occupied and it helps them stay away from abusing drugs.

“These social football games give us the opportunity to mingle with other businesspeople and to socialise. 

“Above everything, there is a lot of entertainment.” He said because their team is made up of family members, it helps them bond and get close to each other.

“I am happy that our team is now competitive as we are now getting positive results against bigger sides like OH, Humble Lions and Toobs Engineering FC.

“If you look at these teams, they have ex-professional players, which makes them difficult to beat.

“Here in town, we play every Sunday, mainly with bank teams like FBC, Stanchart, Barclays and Belgravia, among other social teams.

“We hope more sponsors will come on board to assist social football clubs as they play an important role in society that can’t be overlooked.

Relations beat Barclays 4-2 in their previous match last Sunday.

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