IT’S A MIXED BAG…Readers react to Levels, Shashl controversy

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IT’S A MIXED BAG…Readers react to Levels, Shashl controversy Levels (left) and Shashl


Tanaka Mahanya

CHILLSPOT Records co-producer, Tafadzwa ‘‘Levels’’ Kadzimwe, and his former lover, Ashley ‘‘Shashl’’ Moyo’s sex tape has been trending on social media after being leaked.

Some people have blamed Levels for leaking the sex tape, while celebrities fought in Shashl’s corner.

The matter has taken another twist after Shashl reported her former lover for rape.

She claimed she was cornered into having sexual intercourse with her producer.

Shashl also claimed that Levels was a sex predator preying on female artistes.

l Below are some comments from our readers:

It’s clear that Levels paid Shashl to be in a relationship. The moaning and smiling doesn’t look forced. – Precious Sisa Moyo.


Haaaaa akadii kutaura kudhara that she was forced? Now that the videos are out, she is saying all this, but at the time she enjoyed it.  – Nikita Yvette Kufa.


Haa Levels haako. Shadaya was right all along. Levels aitotya kurambwa when he released those explicit videos and images. He wanted to taint Shashl’s image so that men will hesitate to date her after him. – Dj Donra Zerofivethree.


What can she say? She should just let the case rest. – Cristel Maud Guvakuva.


Haaa, sister ava vakunyepa manje.  The problem with lying is that you keep adding details until it no longer makes sense. – Elizabeth Tivaone.


How can she claim that? According to the visuals, this girl was too excited and comfortable with the environment. – Pats Shingy.


Levels wronged her, but she must not lie. Admit your wrongs and have strength to move on because this will pass. – Ivy Tinarwo.


But Levels akatadza, kusiya video richi leaker ne picture. He was using them to blackmail the girl so he can control her. – Denzel Panashe Sakala.


Shashl was not forced into anything. She enjoyed every moment. – Moses Karumbidza.


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