Milicent Chasinda 

A MARITAL  dispute saw a Retreat Waterfalls woman yesterday seeking an interdict to prevent her husband from accessing their matrimonial home.

Petronella Matsimba claimed that her husband, Motion Charley, was physically and verbally abusive, and was destroying their property.

“We bought the stand together and have two kids. Our dispute started when he stopped coming home because of infidelity.

“He then came and took the fridge, speakers, wardrobe and his clothes, and left. 

“It’s been eight months since he left home.

“When he left, our neighbour gave me a place to dig pit sand and sell it. When my husband came, he accused me of having an affair with our neighbour.

“He later called my mum claiming he had caught me with a boyfriend.

“He then sent his son to kick me out of our matrimonial home,” said Petronella.

Motion denied the allegations and accused Petronella of having an affair with their next-door neighbour.

“She is my wife, but we are currently not living together.

“We got into a fight because I work out of town and when I came back, she had chased my two children from a previous marriage from the house because she was cheating.

“I was shocked that she chased my children when I buy food which she even feeds her boyfriend.

“I left the house because she said she was going to poison me. She would not wash or cook for me as her husband, but did everything for her next-door boyfriend.

“I want to go back to my house as my children have nowhere to stay,” said Motion.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the application for lack of merit.

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