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SINCE time immemorial, arts and sport have been regarded as a preserve for school drop-outs and failures.

However, the trend is changing with more people with sound education pursuing sport and arts.

However, it is in the arts sector where more people with brains are now flooding the sector.

Panganayi and Macheso

One such person who has joined the likes of Bob Nyandinde, Albert Nyathi, Tendai Gahamadze is sungura artiste Panganayi Hare.

The 48-year-old, who also made a name for himself as a music promoter, is topping the charts at Radio Zimbabwe and Power FM among other radios stations with his debut album, Mbuva Yehwiza.

He opened up on his musical journey as a promoter and now an artiste, calling and his advice to fellow stakeholders in showbiz .

Hare also shared his plans in this column – From The Horse’s Mouth – as the promoter-cum-musician reckons he has a part to play. Read on…


I am a corporate lawyer, business executive with a Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed agro-industrial conglomerate.

I grew up in Vengere Township, Rusape in Manicaland province.

I attended St Joseph’s Primary School in Rusape for my primary education then Vengere High School for my secondary education.

For my Advanced Level Education, l was at Marist Brothers in Nyanga before proceeding to the University of Zimbabwe where l attained a Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree.

I was born in a family of eight, six sisters and two boys.

I am the last born.

Sadly, my two sisters and my only brother have since passed on. Both my parents are late.

I grew up in the ghetto kuVengere MaRusape.


I vividly remember when I was in Grade 1 at St Joseph’s Primary School at the end of the year l was number 1 among all the classes.

When l got home with my school report my mother gave me 5cents yange ine katsuro iya in appreciation of the good results.

She did this as a way of thanking me and she recited my Samaita totem.

Afterwards, I went on to buy a Fanta drink and cream buns with that money and enjoyed it.

From there onwards it became difficult to dislodge me from number 1 nekuti ndange ndanakirwa ne Fanta necream bun so l was motivated to remain at the top so that l could get my 5 cents at the end of the term to spoil myself.

I fell in love with Fanta then and it became my favourite beverage up to now.


As for my passion for music, it started long back when l was still in primary school.

I remember my late brother when he was going to Wenela (South Africa) in the late 70s, l was the DJ at his farewell while in Grade 2.

The hit song then was Postman by the Hurricanes if l am not mistaken.

Then from Grade 3 up to high school, l was in the school choir and l always looked forward to the choral competitions ataiita.


Whilst in primary school together with friends and nephew we formed a band called Ganda ReShumba Jazz Band.

Then, we played home-make banjos and makeshift drums performing cover versions of popular songs then.

Because of love of books, the passion was not fully developed and was shelved whilst pursuing academic studies.

In the mid “90s, l befriended the late great Master of Song Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu.

He asked me to organise a show for him in Bulawayo.

I had never done this before but Chopper assured me that it would work out.

He taught me the ropes and boom the show was sold out and we made money.

Ndakatopihwa police escort kutakura mabag emari.

Imagine, that was on 1 April 1999.

Mari yemagitare yakatanga kutapira big time.


I then formed a music promotions company called Mo-Tainment Promotions and we had largely successful shows in Gweru, Bulawayo, Beitbridge, Victoria Falls and surrounding areas with virtually all the top musicians in the country including the undisputed king of sungura Baba Sharo Alick Macheso, the late great Oliver Mtukudzi, Cephas Mashakada, Tongai Dhewa Moyo, Sulumani Chimbetu, Tryson Chimbetu, Hosea Chipanga, Beater Mangethe and many others.


By the way, I became a music promoter by default even if it paid well.

Someone had asked me to sue the late Chopper for an alleged breach of contract.

After the completion of the case, l became friends with him and he then asked me to organise one show for him and one thing led to another.

Mo-Tainment Promotions was borne and the rest is history.


Regarding my genre, I don’t know if l am a sungura artiste or l am just an artiste with a difference.

I have interacted a lot with sungura musicians both living and dead and l admire all of them.

Each one has his own strengths and weaknesses.

All of them are my role models and elders and there is something to learn from each one of them.


I am also one person who gets inspiration from society and every day happenings and my own personal experiences mukurarama umu.

I am also a social commentator using music  and I have realised that it was difficult to leave this calling.

It has always been in my DNA  and the society inspires me a lot to pen most of the songs I have.


I composed my music in 2009 but only recorded my debut album Mbuva YeHwiza this year 2019.

It is a six track album with songs like Panganayi, Zvibatwa, Mariah a duet with Somandla “Mafia” Ndebele, JoJo na Jojina, Zinonganonga and Mandiregerera.

The songs are receiving heavy rotation on most radio stations with the track Panganayi topping the weekly charts on both Radio Zimbabwe and National fm respectively.

On this weekend, they were on pole position  and that alone keeps on motivating me to compose more music which  is coming soon.

God willing we hope to have our launch before year end to formally announce our arrival on the live show circuit.

It is our wish also to release a video album for all the songs before the year ends.

We will however not rush or be rushed into releasing the videos as we want a quality product at the end of the day.

The time for taking fans for granted by giving them half-baked products is over.

Fans need polished products to pump out their money to buy our music.


Things are generally tough for everyone and all professions in the country presently but there is hope.

We must not just complain and be cry-babies but we must ask ourselves what are we doing as individuals to make our country the best in the world.

Farming if done properly is lucrative. Hupfumi huri muvhu.

I am thankful to the Almighty God as l have achieved quiet a lot in my life due to the many faces l wear but zvipingaidzo zviriko but when you fall down always stand up and fight another day.

Never say die up man and fight.

I am also facing the same challenges everyone is presently facing but l am a hustler ndinoita zinonga mbuva yehwiza kusvika ndamwa mvura.


Every human being must love and be loved in return and l am no exception but such details must remain private.

I feel there is need to respect our partners  and do the best for them.


During the second half of the year God willing, l hope to formally launch our album and the DVD and start having some corporate functions.


Woman are man’s blessing and life partner comes from God.

As a for temptations with ladies who literally throw themselves to men like us, I can safely say I encountered this during my days as a promoter.

Then, I was still young and l could face such challenges but am now mature l know how to keep my distance and just maintain a professional relationship.

Aids is real and it kills.


I am always happy but my happiest moment ought to be patakatamba social soccer  in Bulawayo against Trust Khosa (journalist)’s team in Sizinda.

I was on the opposite side ndikamuisa deya akadonha.

He fell with a thud and imagine the site nekureba Kwa kwake lol.


My most embarrassing moment was this year when we were recording the album Mbuva YeHwiza.

I completely forgot the lyrics for the song Zvibatwa but ndakazotondera hangu the following day.

Kuita blackout chaiko.

It was so embarrassing to say the least.

Despite these embarrassing  and happiest moments, I still owe my success to God  and hard work.

On a parting shot, I would like to you my fans for taking my album to a level.

l never expected and for that l owe you some live performances though limited due to other commitments.

A DVD album will be your Christmas present God willing.

Thank you!

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