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GOSPEL singer Beatrice Masawi says it’s not always easy for female musicians to prosper in the industry and they require more determination than their male counterparts.

The Kuwadzana-based artist, who began her musical journey in 2019, says it has not always been an easy journey and that is largely because she is a woman.

She leads a five-member group, Heavenly Echoes, is hoping to break new ground.

“I feel happy as a woman but it’s not easy to be a woman in this industry.

“It’s different, unlike men, but it’s good to be part of such an industry despite the challenges we face.

“It’s determination that matters the most.

“I am also motivated by other singers, including Doreen Chikuni, who encouraged me to be bold and focused.”

Her journey started four years ago but challenges have been hindering her progress.

“Financial challenges affected my dream since I could not afford money for studio recording but last year in December I got an opportunity to restart my journey.

“I have five singles and a video. 

“I grew up listening to singers like Winne Mashaba, Fungisai Zvakavapano, Mai Charamba and Dorcas Moyo, among other female singers.”

She grew up without a mother and wrote a song ‘Nherera.’

“The song Nherera talks about my life and how I grew up without the love of a mother. 

“When you grow up without a mother, and the father gets married again, it’s not easy.

“I also have songs like ‘Jesu Ndiye Nzira Yakanaka’, ‘I Shall Overcome,’ among others.”

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