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  • Troubled marriage finally collapses 
  • Gamu hires lawyer in pursuit for justice

Arron Nyamayaro

IT’S all over!

DJ Fantan has confirmed he has separated with his wife, Gamuchirayi Nemukuyu, in what is probably an inevitable ending to a troubled union.

He said the separation followed Gamu’s involvement in a street fight with a woman, Vimbai, she claims is dating the artist.

Gamu has since engaged Harare lawyer Milton Serima, who will negotiate for their peaceful separation, upkeep of their two minor children and property sharing.

In a social media post, the Chillspot Records boss, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, referred to Nemukuyu as his ex-wife, despite allegations that he recently begged her to withdraw domestic violence charges against him.

The burly emcee went on to claim that he has never neglected his children and has already made payments to a pre-school, where one of his kids attends.

However, this is against Gamu’s testimony to H-Metro, in which she claims the same child missed school for four months.

The couple’s lawyers are expected to convene a meeting soon.

“I have engaged a lawyer to seek legal guidance on support for the children and property sharing with DJ Fantan and we are meeting tomorrow (today),” said Gamu.

“Relatives tried in vain to persuade Fantan to provide food for his children.

Ngaabudise all receipts yemari yaakabhadharira mwana five months uye ekutenga food.

“DJ Fantan is describing me as his ex-wife but his clothes are still in my wardrobe and is yet to give me a token of divorce.

“He has advised his mother to go and stay at our Chitungwiza house, as a way of side-lining me, from what I sweated for.

“We acquired two residential stands and two vehicles among other valuable assets together.

“He want to force me to surrender my children to his mother while he enjoys with his lover.

“I will not part ways with my children and I need my share from what we acquired together.

“His mother failed to look after Fantan’s 16-year-old daughter which he sired with one Tsitsi.

“I stand to be guided by legal means since Fantan fooled me into withdrawing domestic violence charges in order to avoid facing justice.

“He pretended to be a good person to my relatives who also persuaded me to withdraw the charges, but God is for us all.

“Fantan is aware that my mother was arrested and is languishing at a prison in South Africa and he never helped me in fighting for her freedom.

“He wants to see me starving, as well as his children just to please his lover, my tears will never dry.”

The popular deejay has never entertained questions or phone calls from H-Metro when it comes to issues related to Gamu.

Contacted for comment, Fantan’s mother refused to entertain H-Metro.

DJ Fantan also refused to talk to H-Metro only to make claims that he was not given the right to respond to the allegations.

However, H-Metro is in possession of the recorded calls, between him and relatives, begging him to pay attention to his children and get a birth certificate for one of the kids.

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