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SAINTFLOEW is destined for greatness and already key figures in the industry, Tinashe Mutarisi and superstar Jah Prayzah, have endorsed him.

Mutarisi took Saintfloew under his wing, in what was a key moment for the talented musician, and it has had a transformative impact on the artist.

Saintfloew is emerging as a favourite of many people with his songs grabbing the attention of a considerable chunk of fans.

Now, Jah Prayzah, who is one of the top musicians in this country, has endorsed him.

It’s also a measure of Jah Prayzah’s maturity that he is using his powerful voice to endorse the emerging stars in the industry.

Others would try to block or deliberately not recognise the emergence of those who can challenge for their crown.

Mukazogara zvenyu, ichi chogona ichi Saintfloew music,” Jah Prayzah said in his Facebook post.

This has triggered a flow of messages, from fans, who agreed with the Chiremerera hitmaker that, indeed, Saintfloew is on the right path and destined for the stars.

The youthful musician is riding high with his latest single titled Hera, which many believe is a massive hit.

Other musicians also agree that Saintfloew is emerging as a force to reckon with in the industry which has, in recent years, ushered in a battery of talented artists who are shaking its landscape.

Some of his hit songs including Silas Mavende, Mutemo Wemukombi, and Pamwe Wanga Usingade.

Below are some of the comments from fans who agree with Jah Prayzah:       

I agree, mupfanha ane moto. I never thought I would listen to his music as I do now. All his songs are massive tunes. The wood mechanix.


Saintfloew is good. You can even hear his calmness in singing just like our superstar, Jah Prayzah. – Rue Rue.


I definitely believe that through guidance, he will enjoy and earn a decent living through his career in the industry. Nathan Mubaira.

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