‘I’VE A PROPHETIC GIFT BUT I WON’T FORM A CHURCH’. . . Mambo Dhuterere says his wife also has the same gift

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GOSPEL singer, Mambo Dhuterere, says he has a prophetic gift, but he will not form a church.

He claims his wife also has the same prophetic gift.

The 32-year-old, who commands a huge following, believes he is an emissary of God.

“I am one person who got the prophetic gift when I was young and the same applies to my wife.

“I don’t dictate what my wife should wear and vice-versa which has made our marriage stand for years.

“I can interact with people from other religions without any problems because God makes me link up with them for a reason,” he said.

Mambo Dhuterere, who has made a name for himself by singing at church, claims God has anointed him to change people’s lives.

“I have had the privilege of performing at several events with international stars and more shows are coming where my name is always included.

“What it means is that event planners know my value and worth and I will always be there to preach to my fans through music.

“I can also preach to people about the dangers of wife bashing, the need for hard work and being faithful to our wives.

“I think I am doing quite a lot for everybody to see that I am hard working and doing my best  as part of my social responsibility.”

Dhuterere said he was getting along well with creatives from other genres like fashion, visual artists and singers.

“I’m blessed that I am every creative’s favourite ranging from sculptors to singers doing music which is perceived to be unholy and now I am into fashion.

“By the way, I am now collaborating with Evelyn Mubochwa to promote her Afro Jumbo wear, which I have endorsed.

“I endorsed her after realising that she had a dream and for her to fly from South Africa to get my blessings means a lot.

“I am even looking forward to promoting those garments wherever I go because the designs are stylish and decent.

“I urge her to remain grounded.”

With the year approaching the halfway stage, he assured fans of more international tours.

“New music and collaborations are coming because I am now in a better space. I was sick but I was healed by the grace of God.”

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