‘I’ve no beef with Andy Muridzo’

13 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
‘I’ve no beef with Andy Muridzo’ Andy Muridzo with Onismo Saini


Takawira Photovet Dapi

ANDY Muridzo’s former manager, Onismo Saini, says he is still in good books with the crooner despite the way he was unceremoniously fired.

Saini, who was dismissed for alleged gross misconduct and mismanagement of funds, said he will continue to assist the Jeetaz Band paymaster, whenever his expertise is needed.

“I would like to clarify there is no bad blood between us despite the reports that I was dismissed.

“There was no business contract between us as claimed in the press.

“I was only helping him as a childhood friend.

“I am not his (Andy Muridzo) manager but his friend who was only helping him,” he said.

Saini said Muridzo’s brand manager, Ronald Mujuru, erred by writing him a letter since he does not have a binding contract with the singer.

“Andy Muridzo and his management team, led by his brand manager Ronald Mujuru and his international manager called Oscar Chigondo, are aware there is nothing in black-and-white that I signed.

“I was only helping him, as I indicated earlier on.

“I respect and love Andy, that is why I am voluntarily helping him, and our band, as his childhood friend.”

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