Jachi accused assailants file bail application

Zvikomborero Parafini

FOUR men, accused of assaulting CID Homicide boss Alexander Jachi, have filed a bail application at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

Munyaradzi Chatonzwa, Sydney Rande, Mark Tatenda Chingombe and Simbarashe Steven Ota have been in custody since Monday.

They are being charged with attempted murder, theft of a firearm and malicious damage to property.

The investigating officer, Dliwe Mpofu, opposed bail, arguing that the quartet was unsuitable as there was a high risk that they would flee and interfere with investigations and witnesses.

“The four accused persons are facing a serious offence of attempted murder, theft of a firearm and malicious damage to property which attract a custodial sentence.

“If granted bail, they are likely to skip this jurisdiction.

“There is also a likelihood that they might interfere with investigations and witnesses if released on bail and they have the propensity to continue committing serious offences such as these,” said Mpofu.

In cross examination, Harare lawyer, Emmanuel Mukweva, asked Mpofu to explain why his superior discharged a firearm in a public place, endangering the accused persons and other patrons who were drinking at Jongwe Corner in Harare, on the night in question.

“You told this court that the accused persons blocked your boss (Jachi) as he was driving along Masotsha Ndlovu, prompting him to divert to Jongwe Corner.

“Why didn’t he fire warning shots at Masotsha Ndlovu, and not at Jongwe Corner, a public place where people were drinking, endangering other people?” asked Mukweva.

Mpofu said Jachi was scared and felt overpowered.

Mukweva shot back and said:

“If I put it to you that your superior was drunk on the day in question and was approached by the accused persons to remove his car from the entrance, where he was parked, and from there he began assaulting them and discharged a firearm, would you deny that?”

Mpofu declined to comment.

Mukweva further quizzed Mpofu why he didn’t bring any evidence to court to support his claim that Jachi was left for dead and is hospitalised.

Mpofu said he was yet to compile the medical affidavit.

Other lawyers, Josephine Sande and Munyaradzi Chizhande, also cross examined Mpofu arguing that their clients are suitable candidates for bail.

The bail hearing continues today.

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