Jackie Madondo remembered

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Jackie Madondo remembered Jackie Madondo


12 June 2018

Jackie Madondo

IT’S NOW 14 years since the fatal crash, which claimed gospel musician Jackie Vivian Madondo.

Her family hasn’t forgotten her yet as they still commemorate the life of the late diva.

The accident also claimed Jackie’s daughter Chantelle who died at the spot.

Jackie’s younger sister, Claudia Madondo, said her late sister served her purpose in her 24 years on earth.

“Jackie passed away when I was only 10 years old, and I am 24 years old now but her memories are still fresh in my mind.

“However, I believe everyone in my family including myself, has passed a stage of mourning the life on my late sister, the pain is gone and we are now celebrating her life.

“I still recall some experiences that we used to have when she was still alive and I also still remember the last time I saw her few hours before the accident.

“Though at first it seemed she was quickly taken away from us, I now see that she had served her purpose in life, she made impact in the local music industry for those few years that she took music as a career.

“At home, I can safely say that she was our hero, to me she was a real definition of a big sister and now all we do is to learn and emulate the good things that were part of her personality,” she said.

In commemorating Jackie’s life, Claudia said they were planning to hold public commemorations.

“We have always been celebrating Jackie’s life privately as a family.

“However, we are planning to hold a bigger event where everyone who knew her could also have a chance of commemorating her.

“Even though we are Jackie’s immediate family we know she was a people’s person and she has impacted lives of many people who might also want a chance to honour her,” she said.

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