Jackson: I’m not quitting

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Jackson: I’m not quitting Moses Jackson (left)


29 January 2019

Moses Jackson (left)

CHICKEN Inn defender Moses Jackson is not considering quitting football anytime soon.

The 37-year-old centre-back made the remarks at a time the Gamecocks are bringing in young blood ahead of the new season.

And with the Premier Soccer League’s oldest player – Innocent Benza – turning 46 this year, Jackson feels he still has a lot to offer.

“I still have a lot to offer. These youngsters still needs our guidance,” said Jackson.

“. . . If Benza (Innocent) is still playing then who am I to say I am old? I am still in the race for good. I am not going to quit football anytime soon,” he added.

The Gamecocks skipper Mosses Jackson has also declared war on their rivals saying are going for the big one in the upcoming season.

Jackson said they have made corrections from the previous season and they are going for the championship.

The season kicks off in March.

“This season we are charged. We won’t let anything disturb our plan which is to win the championship.

“Everyone is aware of the job in front of us, we have our goals set and we are not compromising,” Jackson told H-Metro.

Jackson said they have what it takes to challenge for the honours.

Joey Antipas’ men have been busy on the market, which saw them roping in promising youngsters the likes of Clive Augusto, Sipho Ndlovu and Panashe Mutasa among others.

“We have complimented our team by bringing in new blood onboard. We have everything we want to challenge for the championship. We are good to go.

“We have the experience, the talent and the youngsters onboard as well.

“We did it once and we are optimistic history will repeat itself once again,” he added.

The veteran defender said they know where they got it wrong previously and are on a mission to correct their mistakes and hopefully snatch the title from FC Platinum.

“In the upcoming season we are going to be making amends as we go for the prestigious title.

“We want to avoid losing when it matters the most. Last season we lost crucial points unnecessarily. We are not underestimating any team because they are probably beefing up as well.

“But I am optimistic that our team is much stronger this season and will match any team in the league. This is our year, we have to win the championship at all cost.

“Even a second position will not be okay for us, actually it means nothing we just want the title,” he said.


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