‘Jah Love recorded Kana Ndafa at midnight’

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‘Jah Love recorded Kana Ndafa at midnight’ Dakarai 'Metro' Moyana


Nyasha Kada , Entertainment Reporter

BAD Company Records boss Dakarai “Metro” Moyana has revealed that the late Soul Jah Love knocked at their studio doors at midnight to record the hit song Kana Ndafa.

The song was produced by Gzzy in November 2019 and only became popular after his death.


The chanter died on February 16 and was declared a liberation hero. However, his music looks set to live for years and one of the hit songs, Kana Ndafa, is a clear testimony of the departed’s prophecy.


“Jah Love came and knocked on our studio doors around midnight.


“The producer was sleeping and he had to wake him up and tell him he had a special song he needed to record.


“He had to open up and start recording. It did not make sense to us at that time, but now that he has left us, we understand.


“We are honoured to have had him record that song with us.


“We recorded quite a number of tracks with him, but Kana Ndafa is our biggest hit with him.” Metro added that in honour of Jah Love, Bad Company Studios will be having free recording sessions for upcoming and little-known artistes when they re-open.


“We are closed for renovations at the moment and soon, we are going to be reopening.


“In memory and in honour of Jah Love, we are going to have free recording sessions for artistes.


“We are also hoping to sign a few talented artistes during these sessions as we are going to use the opportunity to scout for talent as well,” he said.

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