Jah Master erred: Showbiz experts

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Jah Master erred: Showbiz experts Boss Spencer


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

JAH Master has been roundly condemned for kicking an overzealous fan who gatecrashed his stage in Chinhoyi over the weekend.

The Zim Dancehall Artiste of the Year contender’s video clip sending a fan flying with a karate kick has been circulating on social media with the majority irked by the most sought after chanter’s antics.

Soul Jah Love

The Hello Mwari hit-maker has also riled showbiz regulatory chiefs who described his action as a step backwards.


Others demanded that he issues a public apology to mend his battered ego and bruised image at a time he enjoys a rave reviews both locally and beyond our borders.

Jonathan Banda (right)

Self-proclaimed ghetto president and Zim dancehall scout Godfatha Templeman described Jah Master’s action as unfortunate and regrettable.


“I have watched the video on various social media platforms and it goes back to the call I have always made for the artistes to engage proper managers.


“As it stands, most artistes employ friends or relatives as managers yet they don’t have the skills to run the artistic side of the singer.


“If Jah Master had proper management, I don’t think we could be watching that video because it is in bad taste since it paints a bad picture of the chanter’s image as a rowdy character,” he said.

Godfatha Templeman

Templeman said there was need to groom artistes along with their handlers if they are to scale greater heights.


“I have always called for the need to groom artistes so that they know what to say on and off the stage.


“The artistes should know what to say when they are talking to the journalists, ordinary fan and even their sponsors.


“This could be a deficient lacking in the young man who did the unfashionable at a time his stocks are rising.


“The sad part of it is that the video has since been leaked on various social media platforms and there is need for him apologise even though the damage has been done,” said the Immortal Movement boss.


The veteran Zim dancehall movement exponent said artistes should always consider the consequences of their actions.


“Jah Master should know his value and in my case, he is the Zim Dancehall Artiste of the Year contender judging by his appeal and a number of bigger collaborations.


“He should consider what people in other countries where he has made inroads will say about him.


“Jah Master was beginning to penetrate other countries in Africa like Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and this kind of behaviour will only affect his profess and hard his career.” he added.


Similar sentiments were echoed by the interim treasurer for the newly formed Association of Music Promoters (AMPZ) Spencer Madziya who called for the need to nurture young talent.


Boss Spencer – as the astute businessman and promoter is fondly known – said there was also a need to educate celebrities on handling fame.


“As promoters, the Jah Master incident goes back to the lack of nurturing of young talent, we mourn days when the elder creatives in the industry took time to nurture and guide young talent.


“Fame is like a drug and one needs to be ready to control it lest you get lost in it, to the young one mistakes happen and what is important is the lesson,” he said.


Boss Spencer took a swipe at some promoters or club owners who overlook the safely of artistes.


“To other promoters hosting shows, it is important to have proper stage management and security.


“To upcoming young artistes always remember that without the fans you are nothing and therefore let’s respect each other,” he added.


Fellow music promoter Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza who is credited for promoting Zim dancehall condemned Jah Master’s act.


“As a promoter, I think we need to respect the basic law of business which says the client is king meaning is this case the client is the fan who must be respected in every sense.


“What Jah Master did is totally wrong since there are better ways of dealing with such situations.


“He could have asked the manager to handle it or he could have let the fan enjoy for one minute and politely escort him off.


“Lastly, Jah Master should make a public apology unless if it was stage managed,” he said.


Veteran artistic manager Jonathan Banda who is running Winky D’s affairs also condemned the act but was yet to consult fellow stakeholders and establish the context of the whole fracas.


“I saw the video, the optics for me are not good for the image of the industry,” said Banda.


The most trusted Winky D’s lieutenant said he will commend further after consultation with other stakeholders.


“I think getting the context of the whole issue is important and it would be premature for me to comment further rafter receiving a call from other people like (Tinashe) Mutarisi.


“I was also talking to Chipaz over the issue and we need to get the context of the whole issue,” he said.


Fellow chanter Soul Jah Love added his voice to the fracas saying there was need to respect each other.


“Mafans ngaatambe  ngoma  but they need to also respect the artistes,” he said.


Chibaba – as the chanter is popularly known – urged Jah Master to maintain his cool.


“Jah Master is still carving his way to the top and he has not yet reached that stage where he can attack fans.


“It’s a two-way process where both the artiste and fans should learn to respect each other to avoid such cases.


“There is always a better way to address fans and for Jah Master is a lesson learnt but haasati asvika level rekurova mafans,” he said.


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