Jah Master safe in SA: Mad Boys

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Jah Master safe in SA: Mad Boys Jah Master


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Zimbabweans living in Cape Town, South Africa are in for a big treat tomorrow at a massive bash featuring Jah Master.

According to Mad Boys Events Management, who are behind the “Tavhura Bhawa” gig, slated for Hamiltons Sports Club all is in place.

Jah Love

Jah Master is set to headline the show where he will share the stage with Soul Jah Love, Poptain, Pumacol as well as a surprise guest artiste.


The Juggling Family led by Lenny Matterhon and the Don Family will be in charge of the decks.

Hopewell Mutsata

In an interview show organiser, Hopewell Mutsata of Mad Boys Events Management assured people who are going to attend the event that they have invested more into security, for everyone.


“We have invested more into hiring more security not just for one artiste but for everyone who is going to attend this show.


“We have employed three different companies to assist of which two of them are Zimbabwean owned.


“We have hired armed security guys to safe guard the event for any unforeseen threats,” he said.


He also revealed that they have made a plan specifically for Jah Master.


“We have employed an extra personal security for Jah Master, which we believe will ensure his safety.


“We have also posted online content as a way to calm people down, we have used Rodney’s (Jah Master) heartfelt message that he wrote in our mother tongue.


This has seen a lot of people give praise and make a huge turn around due to the fact that he has done the difficult thing to come out to the public and to apologise to the entire nation, importantly to apologise to that one fan whom he misunderstood,” he added.


Mutsata said preparations for the event are going well and many Zimbabweans are hyped for the show.


“In terms of preparations we have done so well, we have received overwhelming response and people are excited about the show.


“We have been selling tickets online but for those that can’t buy online they will have to wait for the actual day of the show,” he said.


He also revealed that the show was originally set for April but couldn’t happen because of Covid-19.


Matsata said though they have encountered many expenses due cancelling the event they still aim to deliver a well organised and highly entertaining show despite it being their first event to promote.


“We want this to be a success so that it marks a new dimension in terms of music promotion abroad.


“The entire process of organising this event has been a learning curve for us since it’s our first but we have received enormous help and support from various people who want to see this event become a success.”

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