Jah Prayzah has a funny side: Manager

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Jah Prayzah has a funny side: Manager Jah Prayzah


Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

JAH Prayzah’s management says the crooner is active on TikTok to keep himself connected with fans during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Speaking to H-Metro, Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze said the 3rd Generation boss has a funny side that he is happy to share with fans.


“Nothing connects people better than laughter.


“For Jah, the fans have got to know another more hilarious side of him that they did not know and we are really happy that they have been very receptive to his jokes,” he said.


Asked if Jah Prayah was considering venturing into acting Keen said:


“Yes, at some point he will venture into acting.


“We just need to make sure it is the right product fit for his fans and also one that fits well with his brand.”


He said Jah Prayzah is very creative as he works on his own Tiktok ideas whenever he is free.


“Jah is a very creative guy.


“Usually, when he gets a little free time that is when he has all sorts of these crazy ideas running through his mind,” Mushapaidze told H-Metro.


Asked what else Jah Prayzah has been doing during the lockdown, Mushapaidze explained:


“It is mainly through music, which gets to speak to people even when the artist is not around, that Jah applies himself.


“He does have times he also engages in chats publicly with his social media followers.”


Mushapaidze urged fellow artistes to utilise social media by always being hands-on on their pages.


“Artistes just need to be more hands on and have an interest in knowing how the space continues to grow and what one can do to utilise this growth.


“Social Media has shown it is the future hence one just needs to be more hands on,” he added.

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