Jah Prayzah, the prophet?

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Jah Prayzah, the prophet? Jah Prayzah


20 November 2017

ARTISTS are prophetic!

The above phrase aptly suits Jah Prayzah’s current album if scenes from the solidarity march on Saturday are anything to consider.

Songs which include Kutonga Kwaro, Ndini Ndamubata and Masoja off the crooner’s album Kutonga Kwaro became anthems as people repeatedly played the music in their cars during the march.

Most of the people labeled Jah Prayzah, the prophet arguing his songs are reflecting on the prevailing situation.

People took to social media including Twitter with others saying JP is the ‘spirit medium’ of the country.

“Cde your music is now making sense, everything that has happened is in sync with your lyrics,” tweeted one fan.

The lyrics on the song Masoja goes, ‘Varume ndaona mudungwe wemagamba achifora achikwira mugomo . . . ndafunga kuti hameno kune hondo … yangova yoyoyo nemasoja.”

Though people are politicizing the songs, Jah Prayzah is on record denying any links with politics.

However, it seems thousands who took to the streets on Saturday ignored all that.

Some of the fans even felt the Murewa-born crooner who is currently in Australia should have performed at a rally that was held at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield.

“Jah Prayzah we missed you today, wadii kungouya warova Kutonga Kwaro live paHighfields apo wangu in solidarity nemaWar Vets,” twitted another fan.

Jah Prayzah, though away from home, praised Zimbabweans saying he was part of the march through his music.

He wrote: “I am so overjoyed to see Zimbabwe come together united as one. The last time such love and joy was present, I was not yet born, maive muna 1980, so I heard.

“And to top it all, it was all done in peace. Even though I was not there I was happy I was with you through my music and would like to thank you Zimbabwe to embrace my new album and letting it speak to you and your lives.

“Will be back home soon. Till then, let love continue to flow among you and be guided by God above all.”

He also responded on Twitter as people asked for his whereabouts.

“I am in Australia until next Thursday soja,” he twitted.

Other fans took to different social platforms saying Jah Prayzah’s music helped clarify everything.

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