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Zimbabwe’s multi-award winning artist, Jah Prayzah, who launched his latest album, Gwara on Sunday on Gateway Stream Music Application, is set to star in the album’s virtual launch this Friday.
However, some users had challenges accessing the Gateway Stream Music App on Sunday, but Jah Prayzah was still impressed by the reach.

“Thank you to all my fans across the globe for the overwhelming love and support when I launched my album Gwara, on Sunday. We managed to reach over 250,000 users who were streaming my album in less than 48 hours on the Gateway Stream Music application,” said Jah Prayzah yesterday.

The Gwara album comprises 16 songs across various genres which include love medleys, traditional songs, and party music, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Before the launch of the album, Jah Prayzah (JP) lured his fans with the release of the single, “Svovi” which means “Darling” in Shona. The single was accompanied by a high-quality video production that was recorded fittingly on the resort island of Zanzibar.

Gateway Stream Music were equally ecstatic for hosting such a big artiste.

“As Gateway Stream Music we are honored and humbled that Jah Prayzah chose to launch his album Gwara and celebrate his birthday on the Gateway Stream Music App. This is a sign that JP saw the potential reach, geographical spread, and ultimately the value in partnering us.’ said Isheanesu Makambira Gateway Stream Music Project Manager.

He further explained that the vision behind the development of the App is to empower artists as they can monetise their trade using technology. The Gateway Stream Music App enables artists to upload, sell, price, perform via the live stream facility and earn revenue through the Pay-Per-View platform and advertising support.

He added that the stream is a local innovation which compares directly to YouTube and enables artistes to generate an income during the tough COVID-19 pandemic where live shows, which are the main source of income for musicians, are prohibited to curb the spread of the virus.

Jah Prayzah is looking forward to the Gwara virtual show this Friday.

“You can look forward to seeing me and the 3G band burn the stage at Harare International Conference Centre where I will be showcasing my new songs. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no audience. Guys the show is FREE!! thanks to the companies that are supporting us through the placement of advertisements and indeed supporting us local artists and local innovations such as the Gateway Stream Music, all you need to do is download the App,” he said.

Makambira said there is an over-subscription for advertising space during the live stream show as many companies have seen the potential reach and spread this virtual show will have, which is an invaluable opportunity to push their brands to targeted audiences.

Social media was alight on Sunday when JP released Gwara. However, some users had challenges accessing the album and Makambira said they have since done work to mitigate that ahead of Friday’s show.

“Some users had difficulty in accessing the album when it was released at noon on Sunday due to a surge in traffic at one go. We had a capacity challenge as our hosting capability did not have enough redundancy to accommodate the simultaneous high traffic volumes which were greater than we had anticipated. This made the App perform at a much slower speed resulting in the logging-in process taking much longer. Our users were frustrated as they were keen to listen to the album. We are sorry this happened” Makambira said.

“By Monday evening we had managed to resolve the hosting redundancy threshold. We have now moved to one of the best cloud hosting servers in the world. The stress tests conducted show that the App and website can now handle high traffic volumes seamlessly,” he said.

Urban grooves musician Stunner took to social media in a video where he implored the Gateway Stream Music team to quickly resolve the hosting challenges as he felt proud that Zimbabwean artists now had a homegrown music platform where they can sell their music and get their money without any hassles.


“ We want this App to work and big time, this is our App, let us support local innovations and local artists,” he said.
The corporate world seems to have warmed to the Gateway Stream Music mobile and web application with 15 companies grabbing advertising space on the live streaming show on Friday.

The Gateway Stream Music application was launched in December 2020 and is owned by Rainbow Tourism Group. Since then over eight Pay-Per-View shows including the Jah Prayzah and Winky D Best of Both Worlds virtual show in January 2021, have been hosted on the App.

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