Jailed for unlawful entry

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Jailed for unlawful entry


A NYABIRA man, who stole groceries from a tuck-shop, has been jailed.

Trymore Kadzengere (36) appeared before Chinhoyi provincial magistrate Tapiwa Banda charged with unlawful entry and theft and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.


However, the magistrate suspended three months.


Kedzengere will serve an effective nine months in jail.


Prosecuting, Review Nikisi told the court that on March 26, 2021, at around 4am, Kadzengere went to Josphat

Nyafikani’s homestead and cut the fence, opened the tuckshop window, counter and gained entry into the tuckshop.


Nyafikani heard weird noises from the tuck-shop and when he tried to open the door, it was closed with a wire tied outside the entrance.


The complainant then called Norman Karidza, a security guard at the farm, who came and eventually opened the door.


That is when Nyafikani discovered that 4×2 litres of cooking oil, 5x2kg of washing powder, 2x2kg of flour, 2kg rice, a pack of cigarettes and two hair clippers were missing from the tuck-shop.


Nyafikani and Karidza made a follow-up with the accused’s spore and they picked up one of the hair clippers which had been dropped.


Karidza managed to catch up with Kadzengere who was carrying a sack and satchel on his back and arrested him.


He later informed Nyafikani to come and identify the loot.


When he arrived, he discovered that in the accused’s sack were all his groceries except 2 litres of cooking oil and 2kg of

flour which he was carrying on his back in the satchel and the hair clipper which he had dropped earlier on.


In the back pocket of his satchel, he was carrying two wire-cutting tools which he used to cut the wire at the tuck-shop, a knife, several door keys and a screwdriver.

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