Jailed rapist of deaf teen wants visitors

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Jailed rapist of deaf teen wants visitors Garikai Muchara


7 November 2018

Shingai Rupenga

A Guruve polygamous farmer, who was sentenced to 100 years for raping a deaf and mute teenager, is appealing to his relatives to visit him at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

Garikai Muchara, 64, who was convicted in 2014, told H-Metro that he is having sleepless nights due to lack of visitors.

“I am still to see my two wives and my children after being jailed,” said Garikai.

Garikai Muchara

“It is hard to narrate what exactly happened that led to my arrest because my major worry is loneliness and missing my family.

“My first wife is in Dande and I had relocated to Guruve where I lived with my second wife at my farm but none of the two wives is visiting me.

“One of my relatives visited me two years ago telling me that my children were no longer going to school and my second wife is selling farm property and this is giving me sleepless nights.

“My appeal to my relatives is for them to come and see me so that they tell me good or bad news from home maybe I might feel ok.

“I feel like all inmates with me here especially those convicted of rape are innocent and all of us do not deserve to be incarcerated because of the circumstances surrounding our issues during our discussion.

“Imagine that I am 64 years and am expected to be released after 100 years. Living like this. Without seeing my relatives.

“Please can you tell my relatives to visit me even without anything to give me but if I see them I want to believe that I will be well,” said Garikai.

One of the inmates Shingai Rupenga, 31, of Rusape convicted in the same year and sentenced to 20 years for raping a 52-year-old woman also appealed to his relatives to visit him.

“Can you may tell my sister Prisca who stays in Kuwadzana and other relatives to visit me because I am struggling to eat sadza since I have a ulcers,” said Shingai.

“I regret my actions and beg for forgiveness to the elderly woman I raped and for disappointing my family with such an evil act.

“I sometimes fail to get rice and bread which I rely on and medication as well,” he said.

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