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ORGANISERS of the inaugural JamAfro Festival will now hold their event on April 2 in the capital, ending weeks of speculation.

Initially, the event, parading the best from Jamaica, South Africa and Zimbabwe, had been slated for Alexandra Park in Harare on December 18 last year, but was rescheduled owing to the surge in new Covid-19 cases. South Africa’s Makhadzi, Zimbabwean born producer-cum-musician Mr Brown and Jamaica’s latest dancehall find Neelah, were set to headline the event. The same trio, insists event organisers, still remain part of the line-up when the one-day music fete returns on April 2.

Suluman Chimbetu is set to be part of the local acts to provide cover at the event.

The others are Freeman, Nutty O, ExQ, Feli Nandi and Juntal while comedienne Mai TT, Etherton Beenie, Selekta base, Banso are some of the emcees of the day Speaking to H-Metro from his UK base, event coordinator Boniface Jana of Negos Entertainment, said the musical fete will go according to plans.

“We have announced the new date following the outbreak of Omicron variant, which prompted the Zimbabwe Government to react by announcing 14-day quarantine periods for everyone.

“That made it impossible to hold this event under such environment as the health of everyone is and always has been a priority.

“So, we just postponed to a later date, which is the 2nd of April 2022 and hopefully, come April, nothing stops the event.

“We expect to give people a festival to remember.  We got a lot of enquiries from other African and local artists and, God willing, our next project might run for two days.

“Remember HIFA is not happening for now, and people want such festivals as artists learn a thing or two from each other.

“All we can say as management is that people should come in their numbers to witness African music at its best.”

Jana, who believes in Zimbabwean artists, urged locals to step up and avoid the inferiority tag.

“I don’t think Zimbabwean artists are far behind their foreign counterparts.

“Makhadzi and Neelah are representing their country and coming also to see how our own artists do their work.

“If it’s about learning, they are learning from each other.  I prefer to say they will exchange notes.

“Meanwhile, ticket sales will be announced in due course.

“We prefer to concentrate on putting the show together first and then sell the product.”

After the Harare leg, the event organisers are set to hold the same event in the UK.

Ugandan diva Winnie Nwagi is also set to join the tour parading the best from Jamaica, South Africa, East Africa and Zimbabwe.

He also said the Harare show will afford them an opportunity to bring other artists from North America, to have a feel of Zimbabwean music.

“Also to grace the festival will be two guest artists from Canada, so people should brace themselves for two days of African and Jamaican music at its best in Harare on April 2 and Bulawayo April 3, 2022.”

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