Faith Mandizha

REIGNING Miss Zimbabwe International 2023, Charlotte Muziri, says the opening of a Jamaican Embassy in the country will enhance rich cultural exchanges.

Muziri was among the guests at the raising of the Jamaican flag as the Caribbean nation officially established diplomatic relations with Zimbabwe yesterday.

The event showcased the rich Jamaican cultural heritage through vibrant performances, traditional music, dance and cuisine.

It served as a testament to the unity and resilience of the Jamaican community in Zimbabwe, creating an atmosphere of festivity and camaraderie.

Muziri expressed excitement and enthusiasm for the collaboration and cultural exchanges that lie ahead.

She highlighted the significance of fostering stronger ties between Zimbabwe and Jamaica, aimed at promoting mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures, heritage and traditions.

“I’m committed to using my platform to bridge cultural gaps, foster inclusivity, and promote global harmony. 

“The raising of the Jamaican flag and establishment of a Jamaican embassy in Zimbabwe will open doors for enhanced cultural collaborations, trade, tourism opportunities and educational partnerships.

 “This paves the way for a future characterised by cultural appreciation, enhanced bilateral relationships and mutual growth,” she said.

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