Jane Doka preaches love, hope, unity

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Jane Doka preaches love, hope, unity Jane Doka


UK BASED gospel diva, philanthropist and businesswoman, Jane Doka, sees God’s hand and new opportunities in every situation.

At a time when the world is reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, she urges fellow Zimbabweans to keep focused and celebrate the gift of life and other opportunities coming their way.

A recording artiste with a number of successful album, the diva has also diverted to philanthropic work touching hearts of many.


H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TeeKay) spoke to the diva (JD) who despite a busy schedule as a businesswoman, marriage counsellor and  philanthropist still continues to churn out soothing gospel songs.

Her latest singles, Gore Remakomborero, a teaser of her unnamed album, was launched online where she touched hearts of many with her testimonies. Read on…


TeeKay: Why did you name your single Gore Remakomborero at a time many people are finding the going tough?

JD: The past year has been the hardest for so many people worldwide and in so many ways. I too faced personal challenges which were intense.


At the very beginning of the year 2020, I almost lost my life to a sudden sickness.


While I was still recovering the pandemic began, and it brought with it even more challenges from financial, losing loved ones etc.


I would like to think my story is not unique to me, people have faced similar if not worse problems.


So in the midst of that reality around me, the news and media constantly reiterating the doom and gloom in the world, I was awakened to the call to walk by faith and not by sight which inspired the new musical project.


I am working on (The Faith Project) from where this song Gore Remakomborero is taken from.


As 2021 began, I realised that I had to make a conscious choice, that I will declare this very year to be a year of blessings no matter what I saw, heard or felt around me hence the song of declaration: Gore Remakomborero.


The call is for us all to walk by faith and collectively make that declaration of faith.


TeeKay: May you please share with your fans the blessing that you have received at time when most people are reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic?

JD:  I guess the starting point is to be clear that when we are declaring iGore Remakomborero, we are speaking the language of faith – as the Word of God says, ‘speaking things that are not as though they are’ and that we ‘walk by faith and not by sight’.


We are trusting God and intentionally going against the prevailing report, knowing that there is power in the words we say and acknowledging that our livelihoods are in the hands of God.


And yes- we have received and continue to receive blessings every day.


People are very quick to assume that ‘blessings’ refers to material things and that’s understandable because of the immediate needs we all have as human beings.


However, life itself, just being alive is a blessing.


Health in our bodies and our children being healthy is a blessing.


For me as a believer of Christ, knowing and walking with God in these times and experiencing his peace in the midst of the storm is a blessing.


On a more personal and practical level God restored my health and He also began opening doors for my family in business in ways unimaginable for a time as this.


The pandemic while it’s been debilitating, has actually created opportunities we never knew existed in many ways and this is not exclusive to me.


God’s grace and power is not circumstantial, even in a very dry season He can exceed our expectations.

TeeKay: How long did take working on the single?

JD: I started the recording process of producing this song with producer Nigel Nyangombe in December 2019 and we did quite a lot on the song with the aim to release it in March of 2020.


However, personal challenges compounded by the pandemic made me halt the finalising process for almost a year.

We began finalising the song in December 2020 when it became clear in my heart that it’s time to make that declaration.

The song was ready by end of January 2021.

TeeKay: When can people expect visuals for the song?

JD: The ongoing lockdowns in this part of the world have made it difficult to arrange video shoots.


However, I decided to think outside the box and implement a Plan B – which is to tell the story in a visually creative way using the stories of ordinary people who by faith have seen God’s blessings in a tough year by way of a visualizer.


After Easter, a few weeks from now I will be dropping the visualizer for Gore Remakomborero.


Hopefully things will stabilize soon and allow us to work on a video shoot.

TeeKay: How is life in diaspora for foreign artistes?

JD: Life in the diaspora is different from life back home.


Because of how industrialised the economy here is, the work responsibilities especially for us immigrants can be very demanding with families to take care of in our home country.


This sometimes affects the quality of our product and the consistency of our work.


I would say that is one of the challenges.


However, opportunities are definitely there for us because the so called ‘international community’ is at the tip of our fingers.


It’s just about producing quality product and being intentional with our marketing and branding.

TeeKay: What strides have you made to penetrate the international market?

JD:  I have made in-roads into other non-Zimbabwean markets through my branding, marketing and through building relationships with fellow artists of other nationalities.


It has been very rewarding.


I have had opportunities to share the stage with international gospel artists like Nathaniel Bassey, Muyiwa and Riversongz and Noel Robinson.


I am taking everything in its stride and taking a step at a time.

TeeKay: How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting your work and of course hindered some of your goals?

JD: Covid-19 to me has been bittersweet.


While I have not been able to physically do some things like shooting videos or performing live before an audience etc, I have taken time to invest in my craft and skill privately away from the public.


In terms of work and my academic studies, well I have just been working from home, though I miss the company of the academic community.


I have taken the time to learn new skills and I have set up my own mini home studio. The only thing that has been a challenge is the current restrictions to travel but everything in its time.

TeeKay: For how have you been staying in the UK?

JD:I have been staying in the UK for 14 years now.


TeeKay: How many albums/singles do you have so far?

JD: I released four albums – Nditiumeyi 2008, Tenda Live in Concert 2010, Reflections-Mirangariro 2012, First Love 2018. I have also released two singles, Kusile 2016 and Gore Remakomborero 2021.



According to, Gospo Media who runs Jane Doka’s social media page, her brief profile reads as follows:


Jane Doka is a multi-award-winning UK based Zimbabwe born gospel music singer-songwriter, praise and worship leader, businesswoman and philanthropist.


Since officially stepping into her music passion in 2008, Jane has produced four albums, one live DVD recording and has hosted numerous successful gospel shows in UK and in Zimbabwe.


She has performed on various stages alongside international gospel musicians such as Nathaniel Bassey, Muyiwa and Riversongz, Sonnie Badu and saxophonist Femi Osinaike.


Jane has also performed alongside esteemed gospel musicians from her home country Zimbabwe who include Charles Charamba, Takesure Zamar, Janet Manyowa, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and Sabastian Magacha. Alongside her growing music ministry, Jane Doka serves as an assistant pastor at her local church, passionately serving in the praise and worship team and youth department.


She is also currently studying a PhD in International Education and Development, which is being co-funded by the international charity World Vision.


The study is about improving education and life chances of marginalised girls in low resource settings including Zimbabwe.


Jane is married to Michael Doka and together they have two children.




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