Japajapa granted bail

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Japajapa granted bail


22 August 2018


POLITICAL activist, Paddington Japajapa, yesterday appeared in on charges of inciting public violence that erupted in Harare after the July 30 harmonised elections.

Japajapa was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate, Ruramai Chitumbura.

It is the State’s case that Japajapa was attending the announcement of election results at the Harare International Conference Centre.

After the announcement of seven constituencies by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission during break time, he held a press conference outside the ZEC Command Centre.

In his press conference, Japajapa is alleged to have claimed that the election had been rigged and they would not accept ‘rubbish’ results adding that, as a leader of a civic organisation, he was going to call for chaos in Zimbabwe.

“If people come to rallies, it means they appreciate the candidate, you cannot follow a candidate you cannot vote for.

“So we are saying all those people who were coming for example in Mkoba, the stadium was full to capacity with more than 45000 people.

“In Mutare I attended, in Masvingo I attended, Chamisa was pulling more than 30-40000 and now we are seeing a different scenario altogether.

“So we are saying as the people of Zimbabwe, this is a watershed election, it’s a do or die, we are not going to accept that rubbish.

“ZEC must do the right thing by announcing the proper results, failure to do this as a leader of a civil organisation, I am going to call for chaos in this country, we are not concerned about the consequences, and we want the right thing to be done.

“We are going to have an audit of the election and if there are any irregularities, I am sorry as civic organisations we are not going to accept this rubbish.”

The video of the press conference went viral and following the incitement made, supporters of the MDC party gathered in the CBD and engaged in a violent.

The demonstration led to the destruction of various properties.

Japajapa had been on the run since August 1 and a warrant of arrest had been issued at the Harare magistrates’ court.

The State led by Sebastian Mutizirwa applied that Japajapa be granted $200 bail.

Japajapa through his lawyer disputed and made an application against the quantum of bail stating that it is unreasonable considering his financial status prompting Magistrate Chitumbura to revise the amount down to $100.

Japajapa was instructed to submit his passport as part of the bail conditions but he stated that he was not able to comply to this condition because it has since expired.

The matter was remanded to September 4.

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