Jaure’s birthday wish

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Jaure’s birthday wish DYNAMOS captain Partson Jaure has admitted he was in a critical situation after a road accident that left him with a depressed skull fracture


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter
Dynamos captain Partson Jaure says life is a precious gift that must be cherished.
The star turned 30 on Wednesday.
“As l celebrate my birthday,I just want to thank God for another year added.
“It’s God who has allowed me to see this day and celebrate my birthday.
“I want to thank him for the gift of life,” he said.
Jaure got involved in an accident earlier this year says he is recovering well and the delay in the PSL start has worked in his favour.
“I have recovered very well and the suspension of the league has worked in my favour.
“It is my wish that football resumes start playing with the others.
“At first was hurt that football was suspended but then l realized that this was working in my favour because it gave me time to heal.
“I know it’s a process to but the suspension has give me ample time recover well rather than if the league had started in March, l would have missed quite a number if matches by now.
“Suspension was bad for every player including the fans because we are not used to this thing.
“But we understand kuti safety first to us and to everyone .
“My main target is to go back to the thing l love most which is playing football,” he said.
He added:
“It was tough when l got injured but l just want to thank everyone who has been there for me during that time.
“And everyone who took their time to pray and wished me well.
“For that l’m grateful.”
Jaure says he has now started training and wishes for the season to begin.
“I’m now fine and also fit, I have been training since last month.
And now l want the season to start because l’m on training without playing.
“I miss playing ndakuda kuti bhora richitanga ,” he said.

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