‘Jesus never advertised’

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‘Jesus never advertised’ Madzibaba Katsiru


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

. . .Vapostori speak on advertisements

MEMBERS of the Johanne Masowe Echishanu Apostolic sect are not allowed to advertise their work through media channels such as radio, television and newspapers, a senior member has warned.

Madzibaba Mose

The warning comes at a time unsuspecting people are being fleeced of their valuables or even raped by ‘fake’ prophets who advertise.

However, the issue has been received with mixed feelings with some saying advertising helps in attracting people seeking deliverance while others say the work of God does not require marketing.

Madzibaba Spenlodge

The sect is made up of the big five comprising Edward, Israel, Katsiru, Mathias and Gibson.

Some members of the church refused to comment on the issue.

One of the big five, Madzibaba Katsiru distanced the church from members who purport to be real Madzibaba going against the doctrine.

Emmanuel Mutumwa

“The first thing is that the doctrine doesn’t allow members to advertise and no one should pay for being helped by our members.

“Anyone who is asked to pay should tell us, but they are doing it secretly.

“Some are not even part of us, like anaMasango avo, we differ on the doctrine,” said Katsiru

He added:

“Some are not even the real Madzibaba, they just come from nowhere and you guys (journalists) are taught the wrong things mototanga kufamba nevanhu ivavo.”

Madzibaba Katsiru’s sentiments were echoed by Madzibaba Mose who said:

“The good name of the church was made by our elders, zita rakagadzirwa izita rakanaka zvekuti munhu wese anongofara kuti Johanne Masowe.

“So we have some people who end up having Johanne Masowe Zambuko , chakati chakati but ours is called Johanne Masowe eChishanu no other additions.

“And those who come to advertise is not our culture, they have their own agendas.”

He added:

“If we look at churches in Zimbabwe, our church has many branches and if you look at your backyard, there is our church, so if people have problems and are looking for help from Masowe, they can go anywhere.

“If there is need for further assistance they then be referred to seniors, so it’s not even a way of quick advertising.

“If you look at our elders they don’t do such but vamwe vanhu vanenge vane madeals avo.

“Members from Johanne Masowe should follow the doctrine of the church, we can’t say names but some are disturbing the name of the church. God won’t be happy and some results are not good, so people shouldn’t play with the name of the church.”

Below is what some members of the sect said:

Madzibaba Spenlodge – I don’t advertise, because I can’t say to people come I will help you because God’s work can’t be advertised.

Our church’s doctrine doesn’t allow to advertise in radios, newspapers but people come on their own through the work of God, ndoto kumbira kuvatungamiri vedu vebig five kuti vacheredzewo vanhu vakuita izvi vachishandisa zita remutumwa wedu baba Johane.

They should stop and use their names because our church has pattern which doesn’t allow all those shenanigans.

We are seeing some people using the name of the church vachiita zviri kunze kwemutemo and the power of God shows itself and I appeal to our senior Baba Katsiru to come up with a constitution for the church that will guide us and other rogue elements.

The church doesn’t allow that at all, kuti vanhu huyai huyai ndine ndinesimba simba raMwari hari shambadzwe nenzira iyoyo vapupuri ndivo vanotaura vega nekunge vawana zambuko ravo vanhu ndivo vanotaura vega.

Madzibaba Bond – It’s true, we are not allowed to advertise.

Madzibaba Blessed – It’s not allowed and our elders directed it not to be done.

Madzibaba Simba – The word of God is not advertised, Jesus didn’t advertise to be followed.

People followed Jesus because of his work, asi ukaona basa raMwari rakushambadzwa, its means it has ceased to have any value.

I donate to hospitals and people appreciate what I do, but we don’t advertise.

Madzibaba Dhashu – The doctrine of the church doesn’t allow us to advertise, mabasa edu ndiwo anosheedza vanhu and if people are helped they will spread the message to each other.

These people who are advertising have their own agendas because people who are duped will have hear the message from radios, television and newspapers.

Our church doesn’t allow, so far people who have been victims get the message from the radios.

Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa – Ndevamwewo imbavha and I don’t do such.

Madzibaba Bollo – It’s not a good thing because Mutumwa wedu baba Johanne didn’t allow that and even Jesus didn’t advertise his miracles.

Basa raMwari rinoda kuzvinipisa but sometimes in worshipping a prophet can assist a musician like what we always do, they end up singing their names, and we can’t call that advertising. But putting adverts, in radio, television, in our doctrine we are not allowed.

|We can’t judge hedu because I don’t judge people, but when advertising people end up making many assumptions.

There are fake and true prophets but in the end it will be difficult to separate the two and even during the time of Jesus there were also fake, and in the circumstances people can be duped.

Madzibaba Anonymous – It’s in two phases it’s not allowed but if we look at the other side it helps those who have problems like some have problems that they think can’t be helped and when they get the adverts that’s when they realise they can be helped.

People are assisted for free not to look for customers and it’s about serving the whole world though advertising.

Like now the spirit is saying there will be diseases in the coming months, and people can only know this by coming kumasowe.


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