Johane Masowe leader in rape scandal

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Johane Masowe leader in rape scandal


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

Johane Masowe Echishanu church leader Lloyd Gwasarira was dragged to court yesterday faced with rape charges.

Gwasarira, 39, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye,

He was released on $300 bail, and was ordered not to interfere with witnesses particularly the complainant, to reside at his given address and to report once every fortnight at Glen View Police Station.

Allegations are that sometime in February 2016, Gwasarira approached the complainant at her house in Waterfalls and claimed that he wanted to assist her spiritually to get her husband out of jail as he had been convicted of rape.

The court heard that Gwasarira told her that they should go together to consult his other colleagues who are connected to higher offices and went to Waterfalls shopping center and entered a lodge situated opposite, but when they got to the room, no one was there.

The complainant is said to have inquired where his colleagues where to which he responded he was that he wanted to help her but she should have sex with him.

The complainant got scared fearing that she was going to be raped and as she was about to leave, he grabbed her and raped her with a condom.

After the rape incident, Gwasarira purported to make a phone call to a former police boss by the name Matibiri and to criminal investigations boss Bonyongwe who would ‘fast track’ the release of her husband.

Two weeks later, its further alleged that Gwasarira called the complainant to meet him at Park Town shops so that they could meet his wives at his place but when they got to his house, no one was there and he advised her that he wasn’t done helping her and wanted to have sex with her again.

The court heard that, she tried to leave the house but he had locked the doors before he raped her again using a condom.

The complainant’s husband was released on bail pending appeal on March 10 2016, and she later revealed the rape matter to him in July this year.

Trial is set to kick off on September 30.


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