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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

…Prophets are drinking beer, smoking dagga in church

…’i advertise to spread the message

…Only Madzibaba Katsiru is clean

Bulawayo based Johanne Masowe Echishanu Apostolic member, Madzibaba Emmanuel ‘Signature’ Mutumwa has called on the church’s senior members to focus on divisions rocking the church instead of petty issues like adverts.

Madzibaba Mutumwa

The outspoken member said people should be worried about prophets who are smoking mbanje, sleeping with women and drinking beer in church.

Responding to comments by the Johanne Masowe Echishanu seniors over the rise in media advertising by emerging members, Mutumwa said there is nothing wrong in using media as a platform to inform the public about the good word of God.

According to the church’s doctrine, it is not allowed to advertise their work through media channels such as radio, television and newspapers, a senior member recently said.

“Those who are saying that adverts are not allowed in Johanne Masowe, why do they have musicians like Hosiah Chipanga singing about them? Is that not advertising?

“How many adverts have they made, if Baba Johanne said there should be no houses at the shrines, why is Madzibaba Mose staying in a house at his shrine?

“These people have divided our church, because zvimwe zvikwata held a conference in Mberengwa and some in Muzondiwa.

Madzibaba Mutumwa

“I am only exonerating Madzibaba Katsiru, I have never seen any of his adverts.

“I am well informed about the shenanigans of these prophets, the fraud they are committing at their shrines but Mose and Magirazi should stay away, they should stop talking about adverts,” he said.

Mutumwa said, people who pay for adverts have money.

“Adverts are paid for, they are not for free, advert is to inform people to understand what is going on, inobhadharwa, I pay almost 20 000 RTGS for all my adverts.

“Ndee mari inotobuda nemunhu ane mari, they should stop what they are doing, I have discs they are selling.

“Ukaona mupostori akavaka imba yake pamasowe haasi mupostori, only toilets are built at the shrines for cleanliness but discs and videos are produced.

“Baba Lawrence Katsiru is the only person I can exonerate apo because he is not even aware of some of the dirt things which are happening in church.

“I am not stopping to inform people through adverts.

“Vaporofita vedu ava, I know everything about these people, they are smoking tobacco, mbanje and drinking beer.

“I have their pictures, they should keep quiet, because vamwe vatori neproblem yemudumbu nekumwa doro, mahot stuff.

“They are going to n’anga, I know their sangomas, and they are big thieves in Johanne Masowe.

“Baba Katsiru is clean, but vamwe avo are doing adverts.”

He also questioned the authenticity of the big five of the church.

“These people are no longer part of Johanne Masowe, because when they say Mathias, Gibson, Israel, Katsiru and Edward as the big five, whose big five.

“I am surprised by this big five, because Edward and Israel are doing their own things while the other three are in their own world.

“This is their own big five, ini handina big five mberi kwangu, ahead of people in this sect there is Johanne and Emmanuel.

“Big five is an instruction which was left by Julius that the church should have some leaders to help in guiding people but it is not written anywhere.

“And these should shut up their mouths, they should actually stop people from drinking beer in church.”

Added Mutumwa:

“We want pertinent issues, advert is money, hazvisi zvemahara, if you don’t have money you can’t advertise.

“Zvema adverts hazvina kana basa izvi, people should speak about vaporofita vari kunwa doro in church and the divisions which have rocked the church.

“People should talk of fraud in church but people are afraid to say the truth, because I can’t pray with drunkards, fraudsters.

“How many people have fallen victims over fake prophets in the church, some are going to snake park taking five meter long snakes, ndedzei.

“Vari kunyepera vanhu nenyoka dzenhema, prophets in Harare should stop this nonsense because If we are to tell the truth, masowe akawanda anofa because we have the truth.”

According to Mutumwa, the church of Johanne Masowe Echishanu has been divided and need collective efforts to reunite.

“In Johanne Masowe there is Jerusarema, Vadzidzi, Nguwo Tsvuku, Muchinjiko, Johanne Yechitatu, yeZambuko.

“There are so many and those are the groups which left Johanne Masowe Echishanu.

“So the church is divided and need to be brought together.

“The issue of an adverts is a small issue.

“Katsiru, Gibson and Mathias held their own conference while Edward and Israel held theirs, a short distance from each other.

“Zvoratidza kunamata here izvozvo? They should dig down into that and restore the church into order not about adverts, divisions should be dealt with.

“Let’s look at the divisions affecting the church not small issues like adverts.”

He warned other members to focus on their shenanigans.

“They should steal quietly, I know all the tricks, kutenga kwese kunoitwa mabhidhiri, and people are being fleeced of their money and performing fake miracles.

“There is nothing wrong in telling people where you are going , Baba Johanne would travel to Kenya, Zambia but were people not told? Was it not televised, who doesn’t have the history of Johanne, all these video clips coming out about him, aitorwa nei kana media yaisadiwa?

“Let’s focus on prophets who are smoking mbanje, committing adultery, fake prophets instead of talking about adverts.

“Last time they said photos are not allowed and where all these pictures coming from, who is taking these pictures?” said Mutumwa.

Madzibaba Mutumwa said there is need for a good approach to deal with problems affecting the church.

“Why can’t seniors of the church approach vanhu vanenge vatadza pasina media, unity begins with talking to each other not going to media.

“If they say Johanne haadi newspaper, why are they in the newspaper?

“Why are they not dealing with these issues at personal level, they are afraid because of their evil deeds.

“They should move door to door correcting the wrongs happening in church.

“People are being charged to pay for assistance.”

Mutumwa said the church has history.

“The history of the church starts from Johanne the founder followed by Manuwero then Masvikiro who include Jacob, Abraham, Isaac and people were left in the hands of prophets.

“Gabren who was speaking through Julius Sibanda, chose six men, Bios, Lawrence Katsiru, Israel, Edward, Gibson and Mathias to help push the gospel of Johanne Masowe.

“But this has failed because divisions came where Bios stood to Jerusarema kukasara these ones vakaita different conferences.

“Which is a sign of divisions and we don’t even know what will happen this year, we are waiting to see if they are going to unite and hold a same conference.

“These are issues we expect to be hearing not zvema adverts.”

The Bulawayo based prophet also claimed he had been threatened by the suspected members from the church.

“These people have been threatening me, someone put a gun on their WhatsApp status after I was involved in an accident.

“Johanne didn’t say vanhu vatsiurane pamanewspapers if there is any leader, who has a case against a member, they should approach them and deal with the issue at church level.

“What are they looking for listening to radios stations and watching television if they say adverts are not allowed?

“I was born in this church, and ndiri mupostori akakwana and I am not stopping to advertise because we are informing people.

“Advertising and informing people is a different case and it’s easy to inform people through the media, should we send letters when we want to communicate to people all over the world.”

Added Mutumwa:

“It’s now politics in these churches, where they are sharing wrong things in the social media groups but I am here to help.

“I am telling people where to meet, handiite zvoita vamwe kuti ini ndorapa makumbo zvichingodaro.

“It’s not a crime to advertise, because mari haisi yemunhu, inenge ichibuda muhomwe mangu haisi yechurch.

“Kana vakuru vane nyaya yaivanawo, they should go kumasangano vatsiure not to go to newspapers.

“I know all the systems in Johanne Masowe, and I also know where mistakes are done.

“All the fake prophets in Harare should keep quiet.”

Mutumwa also lambasted fellow prophets who are ‘stage managing’ miracles.

“People are being paid to stage manage in churches, from pastors, I can’t talk about Masowe alone but several churches are paying people to act in church.

“I have evidence to some of these things.

“Harare kwenyu ikoko kwakaora.

“I came to Harare and people have been calling me, inviting me back because I don’t make people pay for the services I give to them.

“I prayed for people for free and I promised to come back in September.

“This country needs to be blessed by God and we had good time in Harare, and people were saved.

“They are want me to open a new branch in Harare because they are tired of being fleeced of their money.

“There is gift of God upon Harare and no one should pay for being prayed for kwete zviri kuitwa nematsotsi aya.

“I am new in Harare but people believed in our message, people want the true gospel not belittling other prophets but God gave me ruoko rwezambuko nekuponesa nyika,” he said.

Mutumwa said the country of Zimbabwe needs to be saved.


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