LOS ANGELES. John Cena’s fascinating journey from WWE superstar to Hollywood A-lister has been full of unexpected twists and turns.

While his blockbuster acting career is going strong today, the road getting there was winding and unpredictable.

Cena overcame many obstacles during his WWE tenure to become its biggest star and a household name.

That fame ultimately paved the way for his successful transition to the big screen.

Though his path was difficult,

Cena never gave up and now draws big numbers at the box office.

Below are some key things fans should know about John Cena’s captivating path from wrestler to movie star.

He Initially Wanted To Be A Bodybuilder

Long before embarking on a career in professional wrestling, John Cena’s foremost dream was becoming a world-renowned professional body-builder. He was obsessed with weightlifting and sculpting his physique from a young age. In 1998, he moved to California from Massachusetts to pursue that goal, training intensely to try making a name for himself in competitions. However, he later realized pro wrestling offered a better path to success for him.

He Slept In His Car Early In His Wrestling Career

When Cena was still an unsigned prospect trying to break into WWE in the early 2000s, he struggled mightily to make ends meet financially. As he trained in UPW with the likes of Samoa Joe, Cena often didn’t have money for hotels and was forced to live out of his car for periods of time. He endured many hard nights sleeping in parking lots just for a chance to make it in the wrestling business. It was a grinding experience that showed Cena’s tireless persistence and work ethic even with his back against the wall.-msn.


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