Journalist Mukondiwa released on bail

07 Apr, 2021 - 15:04 0 Views
Journalist Mukondiwa released on bail


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

Justice Webster Chinamora yesterday opted for leaner bail conditions for journalist Robert Mukondiwa after the State consented to his release.

The State prosecutor had consented to release him on $10 000 bail and that he reports to police twice a month.


However, Justice Chinamora felt the release clauses were too much before ordering the journalist to pay $2 000 and report once every last Friday of the month until his matter is finalised.


“I was opting for something leaner for the appellant because he cooperated during his arrest.


“Both counsels had consented to a $10 000 bail and that he reports twice a month.


“However, may you amend that he pays $2 000 for his release and that he reports once every last Friday of the month,” ruled Justice Chinamora.


Mukondiwa was arrested last month charged with aggravated indecent assault after an alleged expose by a 19-year-old orphaned High School student.


The complainant alleges that he was referred to Mukondiwa for assistance on how he could get funds from a diaspora based woman, Tsungai Mutasa, who wanted to foot his education bill.


The teenager allegedly went to Mukondiwa’s house where he found him drinking wine in the company of two other men.


He was also invited to drink the wine before taken to bed where Mukondiwa allegedly sexually attacked the boy without his consent.


In addition, Mukondiwa handed the teenager US$20 the following morning and warned him against telling anyone what had transpired.


The orphan is said to have told Ms Mutasa that he was no longer comfortable being assisted by Mukondiwa.


Ms Mutasa then engaged someone called Frank who stays in South Africa, to whom he spoke of the alleged sexual attack.


The orphan lodged a complaint against Mukondiwa on March 17 leading to his arrest.


Mukondiwa is expected back in court on April 12 for routine remand.

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