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WHAT was MaBlanyo holding at Baobab on Sunday during the Chibuku Super Cup final?

That was the BIG question in domestic football yesterday after a photo of Lloyd Chigove, the Dynamos assistant coach, emerged.

The lanky coach, who played a huge role in the Chibuku Super Cup success by guiding the Glamour Boys to victory over FC Platinum in the quarter-finals at Mandava in October, in the absence of his boss Genesis Mangombe, has always been a colourful character.

On Sunday, he was captured holding a plastic branded water bottle but the dark liquid content was DEFINITELY not water.

Water is colourless but whatever was in MaBlanyo’s plastic bottle was dark.

And, that has set tongues wagging.

In a game where suspicion always runs high and the dark arts of things like juju are part of its DNA, the reaction has been as predictable as it has been controversial.

“Vakuru vange vakatakura mushonga and it looks like the juju worked very well because even now I can’t understand how some the Ngezi efforts did not result in a goal, especially in the first half,” said a fan.

“Chazunguza mutunhu une mago, there has always been this belief at DeMbare that the team needs some supernatural protection and helping hand.”

Another fan said:

“This is the DeMbare I know, we go to war very prepared and well done MaBlanyo, that’s the value of having people who know our history and the unique way we do our things.”

Others feel it was just a fizzy drink, probably Coca-Cola, which he had poured into his ZLG-branded water bottle.

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