Maria Chiguvari

REGGAE artist, Paul “Junior Bantan” Mwanza, will finally release his first song after six years of waiting.

The song, which was written by the late radio presenter Herbert Mupinga, will be accompanied by a video.

The video will be launched next week.

Junior Bantan’s manager, Chido Musasiwa, said Mupinga’s death was a big setback for them and now they will celebrate his life by launching the video.

“Herbert Mupinga wrote this song for Junior Bantan who had left Zimbabwe to go and stay in South Africa but now he is back home.

“So this video, which we are launching, was done a long time ago, like six years ago.

“HD then passed away in a car accident and that’s when this project was set aside.

“But we think that it’s fitting to launch the video and celebrate his life, celebrate the work that he was doing.

“He was a hip-hop artist but he was also a phenomenal writer and he wrote this song for Junior Bantan.

“This is Junior’s first single and video even though he has been in the industry for years doing some covers.

“He does a lot of reggae covers.”

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