Junior Brown in Chibuku Super deal

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Junior Brown in Chibuku Super deal


18 April 2016


Junior Brown

Junior Brown honoured to work with Chibuku

AWARD winning rapper, Junior Brown has released a new single titled Super Super in partnership with Chibuku Super’s Ngatizivane-Asazaneni campaign.

The Madrinks hit maker’s engagement with Chubuku Zimbabwe is estimated to cost US$30 000 and expected to lure young people into appreciating their heritage and totems after they are placed on Chibuku Super bottles.

A Hip hop-Sungura video teaser in which Junior Brown is seen drinking from a Chibuku Super on his Facebook page has so far reached over 4 500 views.

The move by Chibuku Zimbabwe, which is concurrently running the Chibuku Road-to-fame promotion is expected to boost the hip hop genre which has been lagging behind Zim dancehall, Sungura and Urban grooves.

Junior Brown

Junior Brown (pic. African Hip Hop Blog)

In an interview with Junior Brown’s producer, Kudakwashe “BegottenSUN” Musasiwa, he said they are happy to be involved in the campaign.

“It’s refreshing to see how big corporates are making solid efforts to conscientise everyone, especially the youth, about our Zimbabwean totems.

“Junior Brown is honoured to work with Chibuku Zimbabwe (Delta Beverages) and considering that most of the youth find it to be their preferred social drink nowadays because it’s readily available, affordable and can be shared amongst friends,” he said.

Chibuku Brand Manager, Karen Dhliwayo said they have engaged Junior Brown because of his strong Shona lyrics.

“We believe the artiste and we, are a perfect match, we are both young in the industry, but carry a strong traditional heritage.

“Junior Brown is like a carbonated Nyanduri, his lyrics are radio friendly and reaches out to people of all walks of life.

“I recently got a chance to listen to him on radio one morning and I readily knew that he would be the perfect artiste to help carry the campaign.

“The campaign is about togetherness, brotherhood and with such young drinkers like Junior Brown introduced to our brand, it just makes sense” she said.

Dhliwayo said they believe the artiste will deliver their message to the masses.

“As we celebrate heritage and pride in our totems and Culture, Chibuku believes Jnr Brown with his strong lyrical content will carry our message to the mass market,” she said.

Junior Brown, is currently riding high with his socially provocative singles Tongogara and Amen that are topping local radio chat shows.

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