JURGEN KLOPP “yelled and screamed” after storming out of an interview at Old Trafford on Sunday, the reporter has claimed.

Danish commentator Niels Christian Frederiksen endured the fiery altercation with the Liverpool manager while conducting a post-match interview following The Reds’ 4-3 defeat to Manchester United in their FA Cup quarter-final.

Working for Viaplay, Frederiksen asked Klopp: “Normally intensity is the name of your game, so how come it became so difficult in extra time?”

The German labelled it a “bit of a dumb question”, before he cited the number of games his team has had to play as one reason for the drop-off.

When Frederiksen then began to ask “So too many games,” he was quickly cut off by Klopp who added: “Oh, you don’t think that? Come on, you are obviously not in a great shape and I have no nerves for you.”

The Liverpool boss walked off camera as he continued: “What is wrong with you? What did you want now?”

“It continued after what was seen on TV. He continued down the hallway, where he yelled and screamed at me. I also followed him because I thought it was something strange. I was very surprised, while some looked very shocked, and they asked: ‘Are you okay?’ and of course I’m okay. I have interviewed Jurgen many times.”

Despite the altercation, Frederiksen insists there will be “absolutely no problems” the next time he has to interview Klopp.

He also said he “understands” the Liverpool chief and does not believe he will hold a grudge about the incident. — Sun.


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