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Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter
Tino Kadewere says time in camp with his new Lyon teammates has helped him blend with other players.
Today is his sixth day in camp.
“We have been in camp for some days now.
“This has given me time to gel with the other players.

“And I have made some friends. l have some guys who l am close to like Toko Ekambi, Betrand Traore, Kenny Tete and Jason Denayer but i talk to almost everyone and they are all very nice,” he said.
Kadewere says being at Lyon is a dream come true and he is living his dream.
“The team is great and l am enjoying my time here.
“This is a dream come true and l will always thank God for making this move happen and for helping me all the time,” he said.

The 24 year old, who joined the French Ligue 1 side from Le Havre says he is not facing any challenges but feels like he is at home.
“I think you know when you join a big team, there are some certain things that change but l am loving everything here.
“And it just makes me feel at home.”

Lyon are set to play two friendly matches and Tino who is yet to play for his new side since his move, says he is looking forward to his debut for the club.
“The preps are going very well, you know. It was a bit tough at first after being out of the game for almost three months but we are all happy and doing very well.
“Yeah its good to have some friendly games then we can get to see how we get to play as a team in friendly games and thats very important.
“I’m so looking forward to the games,” he said.
Covid-19 is still a challenge in France and there are reports of new cases.
Kadewere says they are taking all precautionary measures to make sure that they are safe.
“About Covid-19 we are taking all measures to make sure it will not affect us.
“We get tested every Wednesday and if we are to have a game we get tested two days before and then we are in camp.
“But also we are constantly keeping safe individually in making sure you follow all the rules and precautionary measures,” he said.

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