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Blessings Chidakwa in Kadoma

. . . residents turn graveyard into sex haven

. . . youths urged to respect the dead

KADOMA Cemetery has been turned into a booze and sex haven by some people who have defied the sacredness of the place.

The city’s youths are among those enjoying quality time in the graveyard while beer guzzlers and drug addicts also using the cemetery located in Westview Suburb to the west of Kadoma.

Kadoma City Council decommissioned the cemetery adjacent to Kadoma General Hospital a few years back after it ran out of space and it now only has reserve graves.

Socialites and residents came out guns blazing attacking the city council on social media for failing to at least fence the graveyard which is now a sex haven.

“Kadoma cemetery. No fence…looks like teenagers are partying there weekly. If the council aren’t doing anything maybe the funeral homes can,” said a socialite.

A resident, Tinarwo Mafukidze (63), however spared council blame instead blaming fellow residents for failing to respect the dead.

“It is shocking how people can have intimacy inside the graveyard, they should at least show some respect for the deceased. During our days it was unheard of that people can have sex in the graveyard,” he said.

Kadoma Mayor, Alderman Action Nyamukondiwa yesterday said council was seized with the matter and plans were underway for the construction of a security wall as a way of curbing the shameful deeds.

“The housing department is going to clean up the cemetery and in our 2019 budget we have put money for construction of ‘durawall’ (security wall),” he said.

Culturally a cemetery is a sacred place, but that phenomenon is not the same in urban areas where residents see nothing sinister about graves.

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