Kamambo witness implicates Chiyangwa

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Kamambo witness implicates Chiyangwa Felton Kamambo (right) has sensationally claimed that he was made to record two statements under duress


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

A witness in the trial of ZIFA boss Felton Kamambo has sensationally claimed that he was made to record two statements under duress.

Robert Matoka, becomes the second witness in the alleged vote buying case and made the revelation before Harare magistrate Bianca Makwande.

Matoka told the court that the complainant in the matter, Phillip Chiyangwa had a hand in how his witness statements were recorded.


“Philip Chiyangwa took advantage of a misunderstanding that was between me and Kamambo and influenced the creation of my statement.


“I was also made to sign an already recorded statement by a police officer who I think was working on instruction because he also threatened to effect an arrest on me,” Matoka claimed.


The State led by Michael Reza armed with two the statements and had applied to have Matoka as an accomplice witness for providing conflicting testimony.


Reza had decided to engage Matoka on the event that he gives a truthful account to which he was to enjoy immunity from prosecution if his testimony was proved truthful by the trial magistrate.


Leading his prosecution Reza claimed that Matoka, by departing from the already two recorded statements he was becoming a hostile witness.


“The witness is a former detective and is well aware of the channels to follow if he was coerced to record any of his statements.


“This is clearly an afterthought and the State will not have him give a third testimony under oath,” Reza told the court.


Reza applied then applied to have Matoka be declared a hostile witness and stripped of the privileges associated after he was turned an accomplice witness.


“The state will now move to apply to have Matoka cross examined and his accomplice witness privilege withdrawn.


“He has departed materially from his statements in the hands of the prosecution, he has just turned hostile,” submitted Reza.


However, in leading his evidence Matoka confessed to conniving with Kamambo to steal official ZIFA stamps to help the current football boss have his corresponding letters sent to FIFA for him to be allowed to delay the 2018 elections.


The elections were then delayed and Kamambo allowed to compete.


Matoka also told the court that Kamambo had no ample time to campaign after he was allowed to run for the elections by FIFA in December 2018.


The ex-police officer also admitted to sending ZWL$210 through ecocash to a number of eligible voters on December 10, money he claims was meant for fuel for ZIFA councillors.


Magistrate Makwande deferred her ruling to today where she is expected to make a determination over the State application to declare Matoka as a hostile witness.

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